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How Action Bronson paved his lane to be the first gourmet chef rapper

Action Bronson’s path to the top is unlike any other rapper in the game today.

No, he’s not from the hood, but he’s from Flushing, Queens, the most diverse cultural melting pot in NYC (and maybe the world). And no, his first passion wasn’t rapping, it was cooking.

His whole music career and rise to stardom almost feels like something that shouldn’t have happened, but Action is just way too charismatic and filthy with the bars not to have a stage. So as fate had it, he found his own lane in the game within only a few short years. So how did he manage to do it?

When you see Action Bronson all over VICELAND these days, fucking around in the kitchen, taking dabs with Emeril, and cheffing up some of the most delicious looking cuisine on TV, he’s not fronting.

Action was really a flame gourmet chef in the city for years but he got his start after dropping out of high school and working at his Albanian father’s Mediterranean restaurant where he sharpened his skills.

Before all of that, it was the food his Jewish mother and grandmother made him as a child that made him fall in love with food and start to develop that passion. Rapping was just a side thing he knew he was kind of good at but he didn’t actually get to pursue until he broke his leg in the kitchen slipping on some oil one day, and was forced out of work.

Unable to work in the kitchen, Action got his ass in the studio and that was probably the best switch up he could’ve made.

After just a couple of projects and singles, he was getting noticed by some of the most legendary producers in the city, namely Statik Selektah. He put Action on by collaborating on a whole tape together and things took off from there. Action got signed, began touring, started collaborating, built his brand, and the rest is history.

He was actually able to use his music platform as a way to get back into the kitchen and launch a bunch of shows from Fuck, That’s Delicious, Ancient Aliens, and the brand new, very fire, The Untitled Action Bronson Show.

At the end of the day, Action Bronson was going to be great at whatever he put his mind to. We’re just lucky that the platform he chose allowed him to do both music and become this chef personality that the culinary world needs.

Shout out to Action and shout out to Queens.