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How a college drop-out found his place in the sun with Solar Energy Partners

Keagan Maloney, a 20-year-old college kid walked away from a football scholarship to find his place in the sun, making six figures selling solar for Solar Energy Partners in the big oil state of Texas.

The world demonstrates its ability to evolve as time goes on. Over the years, humanity has taken crucial steps to either assist or delineate that evolution. And now, Solar Energy Partners represents a tectonic shift in technology and fossil fuel emissions reduction for our precious planet.

Clearly, we have come quite far since our monolithic beginnings. Yet, some still choose to rely upon ancient methods.

Rather than remaining in the cave, we burst out into the light to provide you with tried and true mechanisms that will increase our planet’s capabilities and longevity. 

What is Solar Energy Partners?

Now let’s all take a moment to withdraw ourselves from whatever is happening at this moment in time. All that we should focus on is the sheer power of solar.

Solar power utilizes the rays from the sun with safe and just practices that contribute to energy transition and reallocation. Eventually, every new home will require solar panels as we the people take steps to decarbonize and reach net-zero emissions.

Keep in mind, it is not about us – it is about the people who deserve the same terrestrial being as our years and years down the line.

Solar Energy Partners started in the Central Valley of California and now operates in Nevada, Colorado, Florida, and Texas as well. We took a moment to chop it up with standout employees Keagan Maloney and co-founder Todd Jensen to discuss what makes their company difference-makers for climate change.

An interview with Solar Energy Partners

KH: How could solar energy have made a difference with the power grid dilemma that happened in Texas a few weeks ago?

Keagan: Three weeks ago, there was a storm that shut down our entire electric grid – the reason is because there wasn’t enough supply for the demand.

It’s a lot more efficient, forward-thinking and better for the environment to get your power from your own roof as opposed to having to buy it from the electric grid because the electric grid is not as reliable as the sun. 

The recent Texas debacle certainly put many people at risk and highlighted an issue within the massive state of Texas.

“It’s a lot more efficient, forward-thinking and better for the environment”

Keagan Maloney

The current Texas power system is so outdated so none of their equipment is able to supply the influx of people – everyone is moving to Texas so with more people moving to Texas – the outdated grid is just getting more and more strain on it so the solution to that is people are going solar.

How solar power could have helped Texas avoid disaster entirely

KH: What was it like in Texas for the people who experienced hardships due to power outages?

Keagan: It is scary what even 3-4 days without power can do to an area. I didn’t even realize how reliant we were on the grid and it got pretty apocalyptic in a sense so I believe solar is going to boom in the next few years kinda like the iPhone.

I believe solar is going to boom in the next few years kinda like the iPhone.

Keagan Maloney
solar energy partners map
Solar Energy Partners

SEP is based upon sustainability and quality energy

KH: As a company, how do you contribute toward net-zero emissions?

Keagan: By 2025 In California, all new builds are required to incorporate solar. Cali is trying to go net-zero by 2050. We’re trying to get as many Texans set up with solar as we can to do our part to minimize the use of non-renewable fossil fuels.

There aren’t many requirements in Texas considering their stake in the oil game but in California requiring solar, we play a big role in that state’s society. The majority of Cali has solar already so I just hope Texas heads in that direction soon. We can’t do too much without the help of legislation. 

Cali is trying to go net zero by 2050.

Keagan Maloney

Just like Lewis and Clark, SEP is on a mission to utilize all resources efficiently

KH: How might water relate to electricity?

Keagan: Your water supply isn’t dependent upon whether or not you have electricity. There are some interesting things you can do with your water in regards to solar. There are systems you can hook up with your solar system that runs your water through your roof.

Since that is already hot, that will become your water heater. You can actually heat your water by running it through the solar on your roof. 

There are systems you can hook up with your solar system that runs your water through your roof.

Keagan Maloney

KH: How might solar help a city like Flint that is unable to pump clean water for its citizens?

Keagan: If it was really expensive for a city to distribute power to their citizens, it might lessen a load on them where they could hook everyone up with solar and now they have more capital to allocate toward getting people clean water.

Because everyone is getting powered by the sun they don’t have to worry about the electric grid as much now so they could allocate time, energy and money to getting people clean water because they know they don’t have to worry about distributing electricity to people’s homes. 

The sun is abundant and is already hitting the roof so why wouldn’t you just capture your energy from it?

Keagan Maloney

Solar Energy Partners provide a powerful punch in the solar game

KH: What separates Solar Energy Partners (SEP) from the pack?

Keagan: The panels we use look so much better because they are black on black with tempered glass and have a guard on the edge for aerodynamic purposes.

Todd: Our panels have monocrystalline and polycrystalline structures with black frames, black glass plaques, black backsheet – no visible grid frame or sills/cells – overall better quality higher wattage and better degradation numbers.

KH: What does the SEP ‘white glove service’ entail?

Todd: White glove service means the homeowner doesn’t have to do anything to get solar. Their rep does everything from finding them the best option, ensuring all documentation is done correctly, dealing with HOA/city to obtain permits & approval.

We deal with utility companies, we get all the equipment, we install it, we handle the inspections and we deal with the financing. 

White glove service means the homeowner doesn’t have to do anything to get solar.

Todd Jensen

KH: What makes Keagan an ideal representative for your company?

Todd: Keagan is a top representative due to the number of deals that he has done in the past year. His next promotion is to be a mentor himself to help people with training and closing deals. That is the progression path – Mentee, Rep (A-Z on own deals) Mentor to Manager. Keagan started less than a year ago.

In reflection

The opportunity to talk with Solar Energy Partners executives gives a great perspective.

We appreciate their time and effort to ensure our planet can continue spinning for years to come. Please consider your daily habits and always be conscientious of the ways that we can make our world a better place.