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Holyrad Studio is making sure the next gen of creatives have a place to work

A creative agency and production studio that provides affordable access to space, equipment and resources to visionaries called Holyrad Studio is about halfway there to their $50,000 goal on Kickstarter.

With 112 backers and around 20 days left in their fundraising campaign, Holyrad Studio looks to revolutionize the freelance culture by applying the sharing economy model to a physical space.

In an effort to redefine the market for freelancers, who will make up 40 percent of the US workforce by 2020, the innovative company wants to help those who are left out of our economy due to the monetary constraints that come attached to our passions.

Founded by BK-based freelance fashion photographer Daryl Oh, Holyrad Studio is destined to succeed. The visionary knew what the creative game was missing and after a few years in freelance, herself, she decided to start the creative agency in 2015.

“When the world tells you that you don’t have a place here and you don’t have a future, rather than accepting that to be true, we realized that all of the answers and all of the solutions were right here…,” said Oh.

Since its launch, Holyrad Studio has created a production company, shot their first independent film, created an in-house fashion flick, provided a visual platform for dancers, housed music videos, held panel discussions, premiered movies, and crushed photoshoots for editorial.

Now as we all look to 2019, we know that Holyrad has something epic planned for creatives and that would be taking a step towards a network of localized spaces. Enter the Kickstarter campaign.

To the Holyrad team, more space means more members served, more assets, more resources, and ultimately more creativity.

“We are here because we need it. Nobody is going to do it for us. This time next week we will be taking the first step to share our mission with the world and launching our Kickstarter campaign. Firs,t we fund a second location, next we come to a neighborhood near you.”  -Holyrad Studio IG post

Along with Oh and Holyrad Studio, stands two intelligent beings, Elena Franco and Saskia De Borchgrave. All three bring value to the growth of the creative agency.

As head of research and development, Franco looks to inspire all the creatives who walk thru Holyrad Studio’s doors with power. She wants her fellow visionaries to know that they are “a way of understanding our economic engine.”

Borchgrave who is head of content and operations at Holyrad and also a creative knows what’s necessary for artists to excel. In a recent IG video, she amplified the effectiveness of a second space as she too is in direct need of its mission.

Truth be told this historic mission of creatives working to help creatives be creative is very important to what our American culture has become. If you’re interested in reaching out, the Holyrad crew is hosting their MASTERCLASS MIXER: Passion Projects and How to Get Them Funded this Thursday, Nov. 29. RSVP HERE.

At the event, Holyrad’s Kickstarter mentor Virginia Zimora will be dishing out knowledge on how to properly ask your community for resources and why Kickstarter could be an option for you.

Afterward, the mixer will head out to LaVita Gold’s FreQuency Party where attendees will have the chance to enter a $5 ticket raffle and win their very own studio shoot with the creative team at Holyrad Studio.

All contributions will go to their Kickstarter. Because, why not help Holyrad reach their halfway mark of $25,000 while having fun, enjoying food, music, and networking?