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Higher thinking: 5 steps to staying productive while you’re smacked

Ever had work to do but really wanted to get smacked? Ever tried to do work while high and failed miserably? Working while high has become a larger and more accepted phenomenon, riding the wave of cannabis legalization.

Some things are just less stressful while baked. Plus, if you can get those things done without stress wouldn’t that be your go-to? But there’s a fine line between relaxed and on it and too baked to get things done right.

But you’re in luck. You can get blasted and still get that bag with our guide for high productivity.

Step 1 – Set your intentions first before reaching for that vape.

If you really wanna get shit done, you need to actually think of what it is you wanna get done before you elevate yourself. Think of it as manifesting your goals.

Depending on your level of flakiness figure out a list of things you wanna do. Write it down if you have to. Create phone reminders if you really have to.

Look at it this way, if you’re anything like 90 percent of us you will definitely forget, procrastinate, or just dub that shit.

Step 2 – How are you elevating yourself?

Based on what you’re tryna do, select your level of smacked. Are you smoking a joint or two? Are you hitting a bong? Oil pen? Wax vape? Edibles (don’t)?

You might find yourself rolling a joint every few hours so if you wanna take a smoke break that could be your plan. A pen makes it easier for you to consistently hit throughout the day. A bong rip should sustain you for a few hours.

A wax or dab vape depending on its’ strength should keep you up for most of the day and vapes are better for you in the long run anyway. As for edibles, unless you’ve had those exact ones before you should probably steer clear.

Sativa, Indica or Hybrid?

You should probably go for a Sativa to keep your energy levels up while getting stuff done. You could go for a hybrid if your work requires less movement.

Step 3 – There are levels to this shit

No matter what type of weed you go for, or what your method of choice is, you should still look out for levels. If you have a wax vape like Cobra Extracts’ Linx Blaze vape you can select the temp settings.

Click three times to toggle between each color for each temperature. Blue for Low, Green For Medium and Yellow for Medium High and — I don’t know why you’d want this while tryna be productive but, you can also hit Red for High.


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It goes without saying but imma say it, make sure you know your tolerance. You can’t really know how high you’ll get if you’ve never tried that wax before. And you sure as hell can’t tell what you’ll be able to do at that level.

Step 4 – Choose the right environment

Where are you gonna be? Are you working from home? The office? Running errands? Consider what might distract you, or what you might distract yourself with.

If you’re at home you can limit your distractions cause that’s where you control the skies. While at the office/work, make sure you don’t make it hot if they’re not down with it.

If you’re gonna be outside most of the time those phone reminders might come in handy.

Step 5 – Blaze it

Now that you’ve done all the planning and peeped where you’re gonna be, it’s time to actually smoke. Make sure you stay hydrated and eat throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, definitely check out Cobra Extracts, our crew’s choice. You’ll be able to control your high with their vapes which are the key to productivity while smacked.

Remember Kulture Fam, stay elevated and go get that bag.