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High school seniors can get their laundry done just for applying to college

Applying to college is undoubtedly a scary time. There is the fear of rejection and the prospect of not getting into the college of one’s first choice.

More than this, some young people come from backgrounds or a set of circumstances that make the prospect of going to college and have access to a higher education even more daunting, difficult and challenging.

But that shouldn’t discourage young people across the U.S. from seeing college as a viable space to carve out a future for themselves nor should it hinder them from pursuing their dreams through education, in order to create a better life for themselves as well as for future generations to come.


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November is National College Application Month. To mark this occasion, Reach Higher has launched its “laundry” campaign in an effort to encourage high school seniors all over the country to make the commitment to apply to college.

Celebrities and public figures, such as Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Nick Cannon, Bailee Madison, and more, have joined a social media campaign to encourage students across the U.S. to take the pledge and apply to college.

In exchange for making this commitment, these same celebrities and public figures have pledged to do students laundry for an entire semester.

Reach Higher is an initiative started by former First Lady Michelle Obama during her time at the White House.

The program looks to inspire every American student to complete their education past high school by attending a professional training program, a community college, or a traditional university.

Speaking on the campaign, Reach Higher’s executive director, Eric Waldo states,

“We want to see high school seniors all over the country make the commitment to apply to college. And we know that once they get to college, students will discover so much about themselves, their passions, and the world. They’ll take eye-opening classes and engage in campus activities.  And many students, if they are anything like me at that age, will learn to do to their laundry. We hope seniors will take the pledge and apply to college this fall.”

Disclaimer: Celebs will not be able to do anyone’s laundry, but they do care a lot about students’ education so please sign the pledge by clicking here: