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High Fashion smoke wear that is inspired by cannabis couture

Cannabis Couture

Fashion and weed cross-breed are unlikely, yet eyecatching for the smokewear hybrid cannabis couture. 

Designers turn the runway into an L walk with unique aesthetics inspired by cannabis. Fashionistas whom the plant boosts are proactively destigmatizing and are now reinventing how stoners dress.

Smokewear inspired by cannabis
Photo Courtesy of Pavel Danilyuk

Throughout the year, cannabis has influenced culture in every way possible, including fashion. From the 60s/70s, Hippies to modern-day streetwear, from which stoners took their cannabis couture seriously. 

But have you ever wondered what your next outfit should be on your next joint sesh? Or are you the type of stoner who uses their blunts as an accessory? Elevate your wardrobe and travel through time with these fashion brands inspired by cannabis influence.

Sundae School: modern-day streetwear turned smokewear

Sundae School smokewear
Photo courtesy of

A minimum GPA is 4.20 is required at Sundae school. The Korean-born fashion brand was started by two siblings named, Dae and Cindy Lim. Sundae School is a brand that tells the Asian American experience with Marijuana.

For many Asian Americans, their parent’s made it a strict rule to never go near cannabis (while talking about other natural remedies).

There’s an inherent sense of shame for Asian Americans when we spark. However, Sundae School is actively destigmatizing the plant and making us feel welcomed with their brand of “smokewear.”

Lettershoppe: 2000’s /2010s edgy smokewear

Lettershoppe high fashion smokewear
Photo courtesy of @lettershoppenation

This brand is for the edgy stoner. Dina Rodriguez founded Lettershoppe which promotes a positive message of wellness. 

Lettershoppe designs are reminiscent of those band tees you wore to warp tour, back when that was a thing. The hand-drawn art and bold lettering take us back to an alternative Hot Topic and listen to some A Day to Remember the type of smokewear. 

Bored Teenager: Nostalgic 90s cannabis couture

Blake Anderson Bored Teenager high fashion clothing
Photo courtesy of @teenage

Not much can be said about Bored Teenager, but as they say, that picture is worth a thousand words. Stay fresh with a workaholic star like Blake Anderson, whose clothing line Bored Teenagers.

It’s full of vibrant colors and trippy cartoon designs perfect for that skater vibe who hits their dab pen between their kickflip.

Sugarhigh Lovestoned: 70s high fashion vibes

Photo courtesy of Sugarhigh Lovestoned

Sugarhigh Lovestoned is for the artistic stoner. Their vintage 70’s vibes and nostalgic color scheme are the perfect smoke wear for your next join sesh. Halsey and Vanessa Hudgens are one of the few celebrities wearing these labels, with designs such as bold jumpsuits. 

On a deeper level, Sugarhigh Lovestoned is all about empowerment. They contributed to. Still, We Rise, ACL, and the Southern Poverty Law Center keeping their team small. 

Miracle Eye: Groovy 60s smokewear

Miracle Eye high fashion cannabis couture
Photo courtesy of @miracleeye

Have you ever met a free-spirited stoner girl who is just a contagious ray of sunshine? Then the Miracle Eye is just for her. Miracle Eye’s fashion is inspired by the hippie days of the 60s.

Flower patterns, vibrant colors, and nostalgic styles will make you feel as good as your weed does. Miracle Eye is run by women and operated as a family business.