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Here’s all the reasons why you should dub your boo for an AI sexbot

Who’s that boo’d up in the cut? Looks like they are having a great time, but wait a minute, that’s no human! It’s an AI bot that you can smash whenever you want.

Sounds braze right? Well, dumping your real partner for an AI sex robot could be the way of the future. Still sound too sus?

Men in Japan are already doing it. They would rather openly cuff sex dolls instead of their cold-blooded wives. Women too will soon have the opportunity to have the best sex of their lives whenever they want. It’s a straight-up sexual takeover!

Realbotix, the company behind the world’s first anatomically complete A.I. driven robot named Harmony, is also working on a male version for the ladies. Rumor has it, that the male sexbots will have bionic penises that’ll gyrate ya wifey better than a dildo or you!

Shook yet?

Don’t be afraid because the next time you need some “bom chicka wow wow” you won’t have to beg, put in work, or deal with the bullshit ever again.

Over the course of this article, I’m going to convince you to dub your wifey (or hubby) and invest into an artificially intelligent partner and why it could be a good thing.

Here are five reasons you should leave your boo and cop an AI sexbot.

No more stressing over Valentine’s Day

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It comes around once a year in the coldest month of the year — Valentine’s Day, the holiday of either love or heartbreak.

Your job won’t give you the day off to spend time with your significant other and you painfully watch lovers partake in the biggest holiday con in American history.

People wear red colors in appreciation of the day and all you want to do is grab your wastebasket and yak it from all the corny shit that’s going on around you.

Stop waiting for your lover to get out of work.  Stop wishing you had your own Valentine and quit going beyond and above to impress your partner on corny ass holidays.

Listen, if you were to invest in an AI sexbot you could keep your Valentine right in the closet. OD creepy, but listen, it’s a Valentine that you customized and will always get the job done without having to be impressed.

Think about it. Skipping Valentine’s Day isn’t the only perk of buying an AI sexbot. Another bonus, no more stressing over holidays ever again. You can program your AI sexbot to be pleased at all times.

You can customize your AI sexbot and program it to whatever freaky setting you want and not be judged

Human sexuality is very strange. It seems as if we know more about atmospheric science than our own hormones. With that being said humans are just plain old freaky.

I guess some people get really into it but not everyone can handle a freak in the sheets. No longer be afraid to show your true sexual colors on the bed, couch, or kitchen table.

Wherever you want to do the dirty you can decide without being judged. To prove it, the Realbotix’s revolutionary sex doll Harmony was released with the intention of becoming your perfect companion.

The AI sex doll comes equipped with software that allows buyers to switch between different avatars and according to the Realbotix’s site, “each one of them is a completely different person, meaning that they don’t share what they have learned between them.”

That’s not all. There are 10 different characteristics that will affect the way your AI sexbot behaves. Plus, a selection of different wardrobes, voices, and interchangeable snap-on body parts.

Could the sexbot be every single partner you’ve ever wanted in one? Hot boy.

No more cheating or relationship drama

Guess what. If your AI sexbot is off you don’t have to worry about it walking out on you, having one too many drinks, and cheating on you.

That’s right once you dub your human hubby for an AI sexbot you can turn your relationship on and off. No more arguing or stressing out what your boo is going to do with all that anger once he/she hits the club with all that fresh anger.

Fuck a friend group that has a negative influence on your partner’s decisions. You are your partner’s only friend. Lowkey, you are your sexbots creator. Life couldn’t be any easier especially since you won’t have to worry about copping an STD.

Become a  fearless bare skin bandit and never catch an STD

That is, of course, unless you share your sex doll, putting you at an extreme level of freakiness. You dirty devil, you. Highly doubt that you would want to share your tax return with your boys but to each his/her own. No judgments made here.

But seriously ponder this idea.

No more going out to the clubs and wondering, ‘Who did he or she kiss, smash, or shwapp before getting to me?’ You can trust you AI sex buddy because your the only who’s smashing.

You won’t ever have to worry about getting hot boy zits down under or the forbidden blue waffle (don’t look that up). It’s all gravy baby because it’s all you.

The AI sexbot takeover will help you overcome social anxiety or relationship phobia

All in all, this is what the AI sexbot investment is really about. No longer will you have to keep your sexual secrets in the dark.

You can tell, Harmony, Roxxxy, Rocky, Samantha, or Cow Kylie whatever you want and they’ll listen without throwing shade over your sexual decisions. All ranging in prices from $1,000 to $10,000, the question is how bad do you want to dub your hubby for an AI sexbot?

This in itself speaks volumes and you shouldn’t knock anything until you try it. Stay woke humans, this is an AI sexual takeover.

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