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Here are 5 ways to upgrade your lifestyle in 2020

At some point in our adult lives, we all hit a point where we feel like there’s got to be more. Our motivation starts to wane, we get hit with minor bouts of sadness, and we start to lose interest in our hobbies.

While it could be easy to view this as depression, you’re probably just stuck in a rut. However, you may be ambivalent about taking steps to upgrade your life because you’re afraid it will cost too much. After all, nearly 78 percent of workers in the United States live paycheck to paycheck.

Fortunately, where you’ve got problems, we have solutions. Check out our budget-friendly ways to upgrade your life and change things up.

1. Learn How to Travel on a Budget

How can traveling be budget-friendly? The answer is quite simple. Travel, even luxurious travel, doesn’t have to be done through major hotels and first-class plane rides.

If you’re looking to travel to another country, instead of staying at the fanciest resorts that jack up their prices, look for deals with local B and B establishments. In places like Bali where the cost of living is much lower than ours, you can find amazing deals.

2. Create a Budget That Provides Room for Rewards

Next, you can learn how to upgrade your life by putting yourself on a budget. While this may sound like cutting back, it can actually give you more. Most people don’t realize how many unnecessary things they pay for each month.

By cutting back on fast-food, coffee-shop coffee, and memberships/services you rarely use, you can find a lot of extra money in your budget. Set aside some for saving each month and some for luxury shopping for a monthly reward.

3. Save Up for a Cruise

When it comes to living a true life of luxury, nothing beats going on a cruise. However, cruises can be less expensive than you think, especially if you know when to buy your tickets. By monitoring prices and booking ahead, you could even get a great deal on Celebrity Cruise ships.

And everyone knows the only way to experience a Caribbean cruise is through Celebrity Cruise.

4. DIY Spa Days

If you love going to the spa, getting a manicure, pedicure, and a rejuvenating facemask, you know how quickly costs can add up. Instead, buy what you need to do it at home. You could even invite some of your besties over to do it with you.

Spend the day treating yourselves and even go in together on a footbath machine that massages your feet.

5. Start Waking Up Earlier

Finally, if you really want to upgrade your life, start waking up earlier. It sounds overly simplistic, but the truth is, if you wake up even 45 minutes earlier, you could add a lot of value to your life.

For example, you could start your day off on the right foot with a light jog around your neighborhood, some yoga, or even meditation. Waking up and accomplishing something before your day starts will make you feel like a million bucks.

Looking to Upgrade Your Lifestyle?

If you want to upgrade your life, start with small simple tasks and work your way up to the big stuff (like saving for cruises). However, remember too that life is what we make it. Our perception is what shapes our reality.