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Harry Belafonte turns 95 and in celebration we get a new anthem ‘I Believe’

In celebration of Harry Belafonte and his legacy and new single has surfaced from The Gathering for Justice camp featuring Mysonne the General, Keris Love, Jackie Cruz, Feefa, Carmen Perez, and the legendary Belafonte.

An ode to the civil rights movement saw The Gathering for Justice nonprofit activist organization take to the music booth with their recording of the new single “I Believe.”

The single will drop on March 1, 2022, featuring artists involved with the two state-based task forces under the bracket of The Gathering for Justice organization.

Artists have set the stage to pay their respects in the perfect setting, as the single goes live on Harry Belafonte’s 95th birthday.

The New York native pioneered the mainstream Caribbean-American music tradition, founding the nonprofit Gathering for Justice in 2005 too. 

“When the music is strong, the movement is strong…”

– Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte said, highlighting how the arts can be the key that unlocks freedom for the masses. Artists are just as important as government officials or legislators in catalyzing the march towards a fairer tomorrow. 

i believe single
Photo Courtesy Gathering for Justice

The Gathering for Justice’s goal is to represent black and brown lives and the injustice that they face today against the backdrop of inequalities of the American justice system.   

“Music is the heartbeat of the soul. The drum combined with the lyrics and rhythm create the energy that many of us need to keep on fighting against the ills of our society and towards our collective liberation,” Carmen Perez-Jordan, CEO of The Gathering for Justice, said.

Perez-Jordan commented on the upcoming single, stating that it “is our generation’s anthem that inspires and energizes us to keep on fighting.”

‘I Believe is an ode to the movement; it’s an offering that we as artists are giving, because we know it’s our duty to use our platform and our gifts to curate the narrative of why we fight for the liberation of all oppressed people,” said Keris Lové, an activist and Justice League NYC member, commented. 

“It not only speaks on our current movement, but it also pays homage to our elders whose shoulders we stand on. For we know that we are here because of them and are simply carrying the torch.” 

– Keris Love, Activist

Jackie Cruz went on to comment on the single’s power in the community. “The collaboration between Black and Latino artists matters because our communities are interconnected…”

“Our unity is powerful, and Mr. Belafonte has always stood for that. I’m honored to be featured on the I Believe single.”

– Jackie Cruz