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Got jokes? The social distancing stoner will love these tweets

As the world faces this pandemic it’s pertinent that we are still able to have a laugh or two, even if it’s on the dolo. Most importantly we shouldn’t forget to engage in a time where social media will actually serve its “real” purpose.

People are venting on all platforms — Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, the list goes on. Still, it seems as if the best threads to keep us engaged can be found on Twitter.

This dumpster fire of a response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is just getting started and responsible stoners everywhere are having the existential crises they’ve been prepping for all their lives.

We’re sure no matter if you’re a stoner or a straight edge sober soldier, we’re positive you’ll get a chuckle or two from the tweets we found. Here are some of the best tweets from pot pals stuck inside.

1. A rigid work from home schedule

2. This critique of capitalism that makes me want to call my plug just to catch up

3. A much-needed lesson in Australian cannabis culture

4.  And one in Dutch priorities

5. This callout that triggered college improv troupe flashbacks

6. A reminder that #HealthIsWealth

7. Kush is my cologne

8. An American Hero not letting anything shake up their routine

9. Taking the Pence approach to staying well

10. An “aware of her existence” QuEeN

11. Flattening the curve

12. An actual PSA

13. A text campaign I wouldn’t unsubscribe from

14. The question we’ve ALL been asking ourselves Andi

15. YoU JuSt hAVeN’t HaD tHe rIgHt sTrAiN

16. Little Nas as “that aunt” in the family group chat:

17.  Challenging stereotypes

18. Blunt cruise = outdoor recreation?

19. #DontPassThatGrass for a hot minute

20. And if you MUST, please keep the cyph small

Make sure you stay safe kulture fam and if you’re feeling lonely feel free to shoot us a Tweet, drop a comment, or DM us. We’re always down to have the shmacked discussions.