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Got Coal NFTs? A new way to say Merry Christmas to your fave jerk

When we came across the COAL NFT while searching for Christmas gifts, we didn’t know what to think. Is it a stroke of genius or just another gag gift for the blockchain rich?

We needed answers. So we dug deeper and spoke to the creators. They’ve requested that they remain anonymous for the sake of the NFT project.

More than just an NFT, the COAL EXPERIMENT 001 represents the times we are in. It’s a social trial and what many could call art. But what does it take to hype the NFT community and new crypto adopters to spend .025 ETH and gift their fave asshole a lump of digital coal for Christmas?


What’s really good with giving someone a lump of coal for Christmas?

Where did the idea of giving someone a lump of coal on Christmas come from? There are many theories, that you’ve all probably heard of. The most common thread… coal was given to naughty children on Santa’s bad list.

christmas nft
Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

For those who were finessed by their parents at that gullible age, that folklore tale still rocks with us to this day… No pun intended. One of the most interesting story lines, at least to us, comes from the 19th and 20th centuries. Back then, it was hard for impoverished families to come across coal. Back then a coal stocking stuffer was a come up.

But what are the creators of COAL NFT doing differently?

The conceptualization of the COAL NFT…

While at a holiday party one of the creators came across a conversation of a girl talking about her shitty sister’s boyfriend. After eavesdropping and hearing about how the boyfriend was a jerk finance bro who cheated on her sister, what started as a funny interjection became the spark that ignited the inspiration behind the COAL NFT.

“You should mint a piece of coal and gift it…” said one of the creators that night. After thinking long and hard, the creator would take the idea to his best friend who happens to be an ill graphic designer.

The two would then think through what coal represented and ponder on the old myth: Coal under pressure makes diamonds.

As black creatives the myth resonated with them and with NFTs empowering creatives all over the world, what, if at any time, would be the right time to drop a project like this.

Going deeper in thought they asked themselves these questions: Could it help more people tap into NFTs? What happens when you hold COAL? What does the COAL community represent.

Not giving to much away…

So what happens if the COAL NFT is a success? With 1000 available in the collection on (now 993) the creators of the social experiment plan on using a portion of the money to create a generative NFT. Meaning the COAL NFT could evolve at any moment in time after Christmas.

The update to the smart contract would represent that underneath the persona of every douchebag there is a beautiful caring human. On their twitter they hint at the future by using hashtags #PRESSUREMAKESDIAMONDS.

One creator even said that he would give 25 percent of his earnings to an environmental non-profit organization in an effort to offset the carbon emissions crypto causes day-to-day.

There’s definitely a lot to come from the COAL NFT camp and we’re here for it. Check out the NFT project just in time for Christmas on Rarible for yourself (click here).