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Google and Facebook are spying on you OD and there’s nothing you can do

Personal data is more valuable than your own life and you didn’t even know it. You should be shook as tech giants like Facebook and Google know more about you than your momma does.

In fact, as soon as you’ve allowed any of these low key watchdog companies access to your digital life, they began harvesting your personal details. This goes from granting access to your location whereabouts to peeping photos from day one of signing up.

According to an article posted on the Guardian by Dylan Curran, a data consultant whose prime motive is to do extensive research into spreading tech awareness and improving digital etiquette, the amount of personal information Facebook and Google have collected is unreal AF.

Google knows where you’ve been as long as you have your location tracking turned on. To add to the paranoia Google even goes as far as to making a ghat damn timeline of where you’ve been from the very first day you signed up.

In the words of The Pack, “Somebody’s watching me!” To peep your own location data click here. It’s like an endless loop of fuckery.

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Sus enough yet? Wait until you hear this — Google having your location is not the only thing you should be worried about it. They also have access to any and everything you’ve ever searched for. 

Hopefully, they use the information for good… Psych!

My guess is that the analytics on your search history is used for targeted advertisements, ultra low key. It makes sense as Google has an advertisement profile on all of us. Peep yours here. 

The profile created is based on on your information, including your location, gender, age, hobbies, career, interests, relationship status, possible weight, and income. If there is a Lord, best believe I’m yelling his name to the skies right now.

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With all this news of Google and Facebook checking into your life on the low, you better take a day off from work and strap yourself to your computer to see what these companies really have on you.

According to Curran’s write up, not only does Google have a location timeline of where your momma stay and pops stay, an advertisement profile on you, and your search history, but Google also knows every single app you’ve ever used.

This includes but not limited to how often you use your apps, where you use them, and who you use them to interact with. Sheesh! There so much shit on you in Google’s database that all of it would be able to fill millions of Word documents.

Lest we forget the booty shaking videos you searched on your YouTube… they’ve got that too. Google also has the events you’ve attended and where. Plus, if you’ve got Google Fit, they even have your workout routine.

Basically, if anyone were able to access your Google account they would have an encyclopedia to your whole entire life. The vibes when you peep your own secretly collected data

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We haven’t even started to press Facebook yet! Like Google, Facebook allows you to download all of your information. When Curran downloaded his, he found every message he’s ever sent, every file he ever sent, all the contacts he had on his phone, and all the audio messages he’d ever sent.

My God, what have we done to ourselves? I know for a fact it’s probably hard for Mark Zuckerberg to get any sleep at night knowing one-seventh of the world has their info stored in the Book.

To lay you even deeper in your digital coffin, Facebook can access your microphone and camera at any time. Do you think they listen to our conversations? Low key, I would chip in every now and then if I heard someone talking spicy.

Curran’s Facebook data also revealed, a tracked location, what apps he had installed, when he used them, what he used them for, his contacts, his emails, his calendar, his call history, the files he downloaded, the games he played, his photos and videos, his music, his search history, his browsing history, and even what radio stations he listened to.

Damn, we might have played ourselves. Technology is good they said. Nothing bad will happen they said. Yeah FOH!

We all Cheddar Bobbed ourselves. Make sure you click those hyperlinks and check out what information Google and Facebook have collected about you.

Want to Stop Google from Collecting Your Information? Then peep this video via Dylan Curran below