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GOATS against GOATS: Are we in the golden age of tennis?

These three tennis titans just won’t stop finding new ways to keep us entertained. Sports fans have an affinity for romanticizing the time when they most vehemently followed their favorite contemporary players, teams, and sports.

Even outside of sports, this is mostly the case. People love what they love, and their preconceived notions and experiences can blind their vision from the truth.

However, in the case of Men’s Tennis, it is not hyperbole to say that we are currently living in the golden age. With three of the top five players of all time facing off in constant classic competitive battles, it is a complete delight to see what we witness year after year from Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic.

This triangle rivalry was elevated this past weekend in Wimbledon as Nadal and Federer faced off in a thrilling semifinal match, and then Djokovic narrowly defeated Federer in the final in a match for the ages. It was the first fifth set tiebreak in Wimbledon final history and the match went on for nearly five hours.

Nadal is a crafty, quick player, and as a lefty he paints the corners with his precise and powerful shots. He has won 80 titles and 17 Grand Slams over the course of his career, and doesn’t look to be stopping soon.

Federer is most people’s choice for GOAT in men’s tennis. He is a genius with his shot placement, and his consistency and creativity on the court separate him from the other greats. His 101 titles and 20 Grand Slams don’t hurt either.

Finally, Djokovic came on the scene a bit later than Nadal and Federer, but he has quickly become an all-time great, and Sunday’s Wimbledon win was his 16th Grand Slam win. His exquisite backhand, long stretch, and extreme power got him where he is today.

Nadal, Federer and Djokovic are all in their 30s, and have been battling for more than ten years. Nadal and Federer may not be in their primes, but they are not far removed. Federer’s legs specifically looked pretty damn good for 37 in the Wimbledon final, and it doesn’t look like his winning days are over.

Djokovic is the number-one ranked player in the world, and for good reason. His elongated prime is still here, and he has the potential to possibly pass Federer for GOAT status if he keeps on winning. The best part about the matches between these three tennis titans is that any one of them can win on any given night.

We live in a sports world where Messi and Ronaldo are playing at the same time. Where Lebron James and Kevin Durant battle each other in the finals constantly. Where Tom Brady has faced off against Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers.

GOATs going against GOATS, or at the very least the most talented players in certain aspects of the game are facing others with just as crazy-levels of talent.

Still, most profound of all the current sports rivalries is Nadal v. Federer v. Djokovic. These contemporary players are all at the height of their powers at the same time. #Sick

Imagine we got to see Jordan go against Lebron, or Ronaldo play against Pele? With men’s tennis over the past decade and a half, we have been treated to the best of the best.

Here’s to hoping it won’t end anytime soon.