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‘Get Out’ is being nominated as a comedy, but we’re not laughing

Is hypnotizing a Black guy and putting the brain of a white person in the Black guy’s body comical and musical? Not to me or anyone Twitter, but the freaks who run the Golden Globes think so.

Fuck man. The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. couldn’t just rank Get Out as a drama flick? It would have killed the competition easily. But woe is us, can’t ask for a seat and choose where you sit too, I guess.

Director of Get Out, Jordan Peele, jokingly proved the HFPA was way off in placing Get Out in the musical/comedy category. He says it’s a “documentary.”

C’mon, UCLA got it right. They based a whole class on racism and horror because of this movie. 

But on a serious note, according to an Entertainment Weekly report, the HFPA’s possible category choice was to give the lead actor, Daniel Kaluuya, “wiggle room.”


The musical/comedy category leaves Kaluuya possibly contesting Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman), Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick), James Franco (The Disaster Artist), Matt Damon (Downsizing), and Steve Carell (Battle of the Sexes).

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It’s like Get Out was such an original idea it doesn’t need any favors. It will probably go down as one of the most powerful, and profitable, movies of all time.

Get Out grossed $253.4 million at the box office on a $4.5 million budget proving itself a leading force in a new age of cinema. The flick’s intense suspense swallows its satire.

I mean c’mon, does anyone remember anything funny from Get Out? Nah, they remember clenching the edge of their seats, hoping and praying, that Chris got out of that fucked situation safe.

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Right? The official Golden Globe nominations list doesn’t come out until December 11. Hopefully the HFPA comes to their senses before then and fix this shit.

But, regardless of the outcome, I know that Get Out‘s box office performance and critical acclamation will shine through all the BS.


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