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Game 3 brought us closer to the inevitable, Warriors on verge of sweep


Despite knowing better, it really felt like last night would be an inevitable win for the Cavaliers, that LeBron would will them to victory and we’d have some semblance of a series again.

And for most of the game that looked like the case.

Kyrie Irving went off, flipping in ridiculous layups from physics-defying angles and keeping the Cavs above water against the firepower of the Warriors.

Klay Thompson went on one of his little streaks where he makes everything, Steph Curry looked like last season’s Steph, and Kevin Durant looked was the best player on the court, but the Cavs still hung around.

It looked like it was over. The Cavs had a safe-looking six point lead with three minutes to go, and a four point lead with two minutes, and then… it all fell apart.

Kevin Durant, who has taken heat from every direction all year since he decided to join the Warriors last July 4th weekend, took over. KD went on a personal 7-0 run, including the ultimate cold-blooded pull up from 30 in LeBron’s grill, to ice the game and give the Warriors a 3-0 lead.

I mean, maybe there’s hope. If anyone can turn around a 3-0 lead it’s LeBron James, right? But yeah, this series appears to be over, no team in NBA history has come back from a 3-0 lead.

Despite the lack of a competitive series, there’s a bunch of #narrative in this series and last night’s game definitely reinforced that. Here’s how NBA Twitter reacted to Game 3 and the aftermath.

Remember last year’s unanimous MVP? He’s still out here doing his thing

Random side note: Richard Jefferson hasn’t aged since 1983

Kyrie really did take over for a minute, shoutout all the #FlatEarthers

But KD ended the series

Kyrie stepback 3 down by 1 with 25 seconds left? Probably not the shot

Tough break to effectively end the series

I mean, what else can the Cavs do?

Let’s talk about the Cavs’ supporting cast…

Tristan Thompson, what’s good with you?

It’s quiet for “The Land” or whatever they call it

Some took the loss pretty hard…

LeBron is rather unslanderable, unless you’re trashyboy Skip Bayless

Draymond not scared to stir the pot a little…

JR will always shoot…

…in this case he missed.

At least the mamas are hype…