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Game 2 was another blowout, NBA Twitter gives Cavs some advice

Game 2 of the NBA Finals was… a lot like Game 1 of the NBA Finals, just without Rihanna.

The Warriors are just completely ridiculous. Steph Curry looks healthier than last season and is back to his best, while Kevin Durant is showing why he’s probably the best offensive player in the league.

The Cavaliers hung on for awhile. For most of the first half the Warriors were dominating but the Cavs kept it close, always countering with a three or a mini-run of their own to stay within striking distance.

In the second half the Warriors just pulled away. At one point in the third quarter LeBron went to the bench gasping for air, looking like he had just run a marathon. He’s out here putting it all on the line just to stay close to the Warriors, but it doesn’t look like anyone could beat this team right now.

But, as always, the real action was on social media. Although there was no Rihanna drama in Game 2, Basketball twitter still brought it.

We put together some of the highlights.

Steph put LeBron on skates… but realistically it was a double dribble

LeBron still LeBron

As for the rest of the squad… some aren’t quite looking right

Cavs role players just not showing up

It’s still #JRHive forever

KD toying with Kevin Love

Durantula putting up ridiculous numbers

Shooters everywhere… what are you supposed to do?


Even the Warriors floor cleaner dudes are performing at peak efficiency

The postgame scrap stole a lot of the headlines

ABC tried to play it off…

The origin of the fight:

As for the actual game, look at these shooting numbers the Warriors put up…

They’re scoring 132 points despite turning it over

Just having fun out there…

Meanwhile the Cavs are drowning their sorrows in piff (#JRHive)

LeBron was asked if the Cavs need to protect home court…

Some people have some interesting ideas for the Cavs to come back…

Might be time for the “Nuclear Option”