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Game 1 of the NBA Finals wasn’t close but at least Twitter was poppin’

With no basketball over this past week our lives have become empty, sad pits of despair. But we finally got what we’ve been waiting for all year, a rematch of the last two Finals between the Cavs and the Warriors.

This week has been full of narrative. Between everyone re-litigating last year’s 3-1 collapse by the Warriors, whether or not LeBron is the GOAT, how sad Russell Westbrook is, whether or not KD was in the right to leave, we’ve heard all the takes.

It was good to finally get some damn basketball last night, and hey, the 1st quarter was close!

The Warriors did what the Warriors do. They spread the floor out, attacked the rim, and kept the ball whipping around and were basically impossible to guard.

It seemed like the Cavs had a plan to stop the Warriors from shooting their 3s, but it just resulted in a shitload of wide open dunks for KD et al.

Enough with the actual analysis, though. Realistically, the most exciting plot-line of the game was Rihanna’s antics.

So here’s the best of what social media had to say during Game 1.

First off, Warriors coach Mike Brown (filling in for Steve Kerr) is being paid by both teams right now

Meanwhile Ty Lue still thinking about that one play…

There may be some issues with the Cavaliers’ depth

Not sure what’s good with this ESPN graphic

LeBron is truly doing everything out here

Zaza Pachulia… is not LeBron James

As LeBron put Javale on a poster… all Jeff Van Gundy could do was pay attention to Rihanna

Shooters shoot!

Russell Westbrook is not upset about anything… and is watching Sister Act (great film, by the way)

As for Rihanna… she basically took over Game 1

Rih and KD have beef apparently

Gotta make mama proud

It’s possible this one goes back a little bit

KD tried to act like nothing happened…

Rih not worried though


Where the fuck was Klay Thompson?

Warriors are like cool and everything… but also extremely trash

KD went absolutely off, by the way

People forget…


I hope this shit goes 7 games, just for the twitter reaction. Basketball is the best.