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Future’s engineer and Atlanta hip-hop icon Seth Firkins passes away

Atlanta-based engineer Seth Firkins passed away this weekend. The 36-year-old Firkins, who was Future’s in-house engineer, died in his sleep, the cause is still unknown.

Firkins was a staple in the Atlanta rap scene. Artists from Young Thug to Zoey Dollaz sought out his expertise based on his impressive track record with other musicians. He’s credited on JAY-Z’s American Gangster, Rihanna and Future’s “Loveeeeee Song,” and Travis Scott’s Rodeo. 

Most notably, the late engineer was responsible for Future’s DS2, which is arguably one of the best sounding albums ever. From there he’s had a hand in all of Future’s work following DS2, engineering the latest hit “Mask Off.”

Firkin’s impact on the Atlanta scene is one that can never be forgotten. Engineering is usually the least talked about aspect of creating a song but is definitely one of the most important. From Travis Scott to Future, Firkins is responsible for perfecting the sort of crisp, but muddy sound that is so popular today.

Back in July during an interview with Genius, when asked his relationship with music Firkins said,

“A song—and this is the dab talking—is an explosion caused by the combination of talent, timing and vibe.”

When engineering Future’s HNDRXX Firkins told Genius he had to take a different approach to the record, laying out roses in the studio was one of the ways he honed in on the vibe he sought to create.

Since moving to Atlanta in 2006, Firkins gave artists without access to big studios a way to compete. His passion and care for projects earned him back to back #1s and solidified his legendary status. The loss of Seth Firkins is a loss for Atlanta and hip-hop in general.

Ushering in a new and creative approach to the artist’s voice and instrumentals, Firkins will always be remembered for his contributions to the culture.

Rest in Power.