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From the streets to the boardroom: Nipsey Hussle’s 8 keys to hustling

When it comes to longevity in the rap game, it’s all about having a vision.

Steve Stoute once said there’s only 10 artists in the game that truly understand the music industry, and that’s because most rappers are just looking for record deals rather than knowing what goes into their contract and focusing on the long game.

This is the exact reason why you ask yourself why ‘so and so’ isn’t as big as they should be or where the fuck did this other dude go?

Then there’s the moguls who’ve been able to transcend hip-hop and create something for themselves that will last longer than their music careers. Guys like Shawn Carter, Sean Combs, and Andre Young have all used hip-hop as a stepping stone into accomplishing much more and that’s because that same hustler mentality they had with rap translated into other areas in life, especially into their businesses.

With most rap artists starting from the bottom, hustling in the streets, and doing whatever it takes to fuel their dreams, it’s the ones who have the vision from the very beginning, take those same principles, and apply that to whatever else they do in life that are most successful.

One artist who’s paving a lane all on his own, and who could very well be the next great rap mogul, is none other than LA’s Nipsey Hussle.

While he’s one of the most prolific emcees out of the West Coast, it seems Nipsey is even more known for his business acumen and decision making, which he keeps as no secret. In fact, if you peep some of his interviews, you can see that he’s always trying to put people on game. You just gotta pay attention.

What’s most impressive is that judging by even his earliest interviews, before he blew up, he always had the same mentality and humbleness that turned him into one of the savviest minds in hip-hop.

From opening his own store, Marathon Clothing, just to employ people from his neighborhood, he created a lane for people to tap into the culture and help rehabilitate an area that is often forgotten by the rest of society. By opening a business in the hood, he’s doing more for his people and community than any politician could even try to do.

But even before that, he was hustling in the streets, getting locked up, and struggling like the rest of his homies. He used his talents as an artist to get out of those situations but Nip never forgot where he came from.

Now, he’s making moves today that you’ll be hearing about five years from now.

Nipsey was one the first rappers to invest in cryptourrency when he acquired stock in Follow Coin and he even flew out to Amsterdam in the middle of making an album just to ink the deal.

It’s these types of moves that make him different than most artists today. Nipsey has an insane wealth of knowledge ready to be shared and distributed to anyone who will listen. From the streets to the boardroom, Nipsey is straight killing it.

But whether you’re listening or not, he’s gonna be making these moves. Peep the video above to see the hood prophet in action.