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From poker to dabs: Dr. Dabber’s CEO tells us about his journey

When it comes to the best wax pens, Dr. Dabber’s Stella vape is a sleek and temperature-controlled product that feels ahead of its time.

The Stella is not harsh on the lips or the tongue and carries a flavor consistent with a high-end product that follows up on its promise: Less Heat. More Flavor.

Emitting a curtain of smoke, I pause in a cannabis-induced fluster and stare at the cool and collected Stella pen. Purely and simple, a device made for the future.

A device made to optimize the smoking experience, and whatever activity or experience one needs/wants to engage in afterward.

I ponder what it means that such a small and sleek device can pack so much heat without the bite.

Thankfully, my pondering does not have to go unfulfilled, and I was able to get in contact with the CEO of Dr. Dabber, 35-year-old Jamie Rosen.

Dr. Dabber

Rosen, while pursuing a business degree at Indiana University, discovered online poker in his dorm room. Soon enough, he was doing so well that he dropped out of school to pursue a poker career. Within 24 months of making that decision, Jamie was top 10 in online poker earnings worldwide.

In his time traveling and at home, Rosen relied on a vaporizer pen for relief and concentration. But not finding one reliable enough, he decided to curb his poker career, and start Dr. Dabber.

What follows is a conversation into the unlikely intersection of vaping and poker, and what Rosen sees for himself and Dr. Dabber on the horizon.

KH: Talk to me a bit about your poker experience. What drew you to the world of poker, and how did cannabis and vaporizing come into play?

JR: I picked up poker in college as a hobby after seeing some friends have success in the early days of the online poker boom. This was right around when Chris Moneymaker had his WSOP win, right at the beginning.

I had been a cannabis user long before poker so the two naturally went together for me. As a tournament player, vaporizing cannabis products was essential for keeping an even keel.

What about playing poker made vaping more optimal/enjoyable, and/or vice versa?

I wouldn’t exactly consider it making poker more enjoyable… Vaping made sitting for long hours in tournaments tolerable. Also made it easier to handle those stressful bluff situations or handling a bad beat better.

How did Dr. Dabber come to be, and what was the goal for the company from the start?

I learned about oil and concentrates about 8 years into my poker career. I was amazed at the options when it came to consumption methods and I realized that many of my friends hadn’t ever seen a lot of these ‘devices.’


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What do you get the girl who has everything on #NationalGirlfriendDay? How about a SWITCH? 😏

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I thought it would be a good opportunity so I started selling pens to the poker community. At first, the goal was to provide a product I loved to a group of my friends and colleagues, but that soon turned into a full-time job.

I then realized I needed to create something from this and Dr. Dabber was born.

What sets Dr. Dabber’s products apart from the rest of the cannabis/vaporizing industry?

Dr. Dabber was the first company to bring low heat vaporization for waxes and oils. Since then we have grown leaps and bounds.

We were the first company to introduce the E-Rig, and the first company to bring induction heating as a vaporization method to the mainstream with the SWITCH.


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The Electroplated Percolator is back! ✨ Upgrade your SWITCH with this iridescent attachment.

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Most importantly, the satisfaction of our customers and fans is at the heart of everything we do. Our award-winning customer service department is second to none and takes care of everyone like we’d like to be taken care of. Although the products and the innovation are great, I feel like it’s that personal touch that sets us apart.

Do you still take lessons from your poker career? How do you believe your life has set you and Dr. Dabber up to prosper?

Absolutely, I learned how to operate well in extreme pressure situations, learned how to adapt to changes on the fly, and overall my ability to read people has definitely been beneficial.

Also, it introduced me to a lot of people who have helped shape the company into what it is today.

What are the next steps for Dr. Dabber and yourself?

We have a lot in the pipeline right now. With two new products coming in the next few months we are looking forward to very big things for the rest of 2020 and beyond.


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Into the cosmos 🚀 Coming Summer 2020.

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Rosen’s keen mindset as a young entrepreneur sets Dr. Dabber up to be successful in the long run. High pressure, high stakes, money on the line…

I want a poker champion on my team. Shop at Dr. Dabber here.