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From class clown to IG comedian, Siah the Clown is determined to get his

Siah the Clown is the latest IG famous entertainer. The high schooler took his ‘funny guy at school’ act to IG where the views then exploded.

“As soon as I started posting on Instagram that’s when I started to get views and likes. I started gaining that audience and figured, okay this needs to be a regular thing for me.”

Josiah emphasizes the difference between his regular self and the clown. He explains that Siah is the regular dude and the clown comes on when the camera comes on.

He describes the Clown as the “psychotic freak.” Both parts of his personality then merge to create ‘Siah the Clown’.

“I’m just the regular Josiah when the camera is off. I’m just a regular guy. I go to school. I go to work. I play basketball and all that. But as soon as that camera set is on that’s when my different persona sets in.”


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Life is too short to be worried about these hating ass niggas..

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Josiah said he felt like he really became IG Famous after WSHH posted his bottle cap challenge to social media this past July 8.

The post has over one million views and counting.


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After the success of the post, Josiah gained over a thousand new followers and has been gaining since.

He’s ventured out into YouTube videos as well, creating longer content with the same dual personality of Siah the Clown.

The videos take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions, with real-life stories, but always with the same entertaining humor.

“I just be me in real life and when I choose to be me on Instagram and I started getting likes I guess people just started to ride the wave…”

Siah continued,

“Now everybody likes me but before Instagram, everything was against Josiah. Everybody wasn’t really appreciating my attitude.”

Josiah is also responsible for his more extreme content. Still, he makes sure that the audience understands that he is not an advocate for violence and negativity.

“It’s kind of a don’t try this at home message.”

We asked Josiah if comedy was his goal as a career path and he shared that while comedy helps get his name out there, he’s hoping to pursue acting.

“I use those platforms [Instagram and YouTube] to put my name out there because I actually want to go to college for acting and eventually get onto TV shows.”


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Josiah looks up to Reggie Cooz a social media famous singer/comedian turned successful actor and entrepreneur. He believes Cooz made the right path choices after gaining social media fame.

Josiah looks to Cooz’s merchandising and branding as a model for what’s possible for himself.

“That’s the main goal for Instagramers and YouTubers, make a brand for themselves and make money from being them.”

Beyond success through financial means, Josiah also wants to be able to build a career in making people laugh. He wants his audience to feel good about themselves. He lists the reactions to his content as his main inspiration.

If you’re looking for some crazy storytimes and good humor peep Siah the Clown’s IG and YouTube channel for more content.


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