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From bachelor to capper: The truth about Dan Bilzerian’s lifestyle

Dan Bilzerian lifestyle

Licensed scumbag Dan Bilzerian is everything that kids want to be when they’re older.

Vivid parties, beautiful women, and Gatsby-like mansions take up just some of the 39-year-old internet personality’s life. Not to mention his 32.1 million Instagram followers.

Unfortunately, it looks like Bilzerian’s time might just be up. According to a lawsuit that was filed this week, Bilzerian rents his house and charges his lavish lifestyle to a credit card that someone else pays off.

In other words, the money doesn’t belong to him. Oof.

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A game of kings

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Bilzerian’s Los Angeles house, for example, has a monthly rent of $200,000. The house, along with the parties, boats, and models are charged to Ignite International Ltd., a company that Bilzerian helped develop.

This information comes courtesy of Curtis Heffernan, the former president of Ignite. Heffernan was supposedly fired from the weed company after he acted as a whistleblower, bringing suspicious company funds to light.

According to TMZ, some of these funds included a $60K ‘Star Wars’ gun set, a $50K bed frame, and a $75K paintball field.

Besides the fact that these are the dream purchases of a 12-year-old, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with buying these items. That is unless you made them with the company’s credit card.

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Fight night

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According to Forbes, Ignite managed to lose a staggering $50 million in 2019. They had a lot of “other peoples’ money” which they were using to cover operational and miscellaneous costs. The company reportedly even went on a “spending spree” right when its stock had tanked.

I wonder who could have been behind that?

The suit continues to claim that the company paid upwards of $26,000 to boost Blizerian’s Instagram following, and has continuously cashed in for the “rotating cast of models that permanently accompany Bilzerian wherever he goes.”

In a statement provided by TMZ, Bilzerian denied the allegations in Heffernan’s suit and vowed to counter-sue.

While an outsider might view this as a bad patch in an influencers’ life, Blizerian’s antics and behaviors have never failed to impress.

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Life before bats

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In December 2014, Bilzerian threw a pornographic actress off the roof of his house into a pool. She came up a bit short, and broke her foot after hitting the edge. The event had been part of a magazine shoot, and the 18-year-old model ended up asking Bilzerian for $85,000 of injury money.

Bilzerian refused. After a lawsuit was filed, the magazine’s attorney claimed that the toss was “an act of God,” and that it was neither the magazine’s nor Bilzerian’s fault for the injuries.

That same year, Bilzerian was arrested in Los Angeles for making a bomb. He was booked at the LAPD’s Pacific Division on December 9, and was released from custody the next day. Bilzerian pleaded no contest in 2015, and was fined $17K.

In June 2015, Bilzerian made the heartwarming announcement that he would be running for President of the United States in the 2016 election. A few months later, he just ended up endorsing Donald Trump.

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Got big snake

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While taking a trip to Armenia in 2018 with his brother and father, Bilzerian visited a shooting range in the Republic of Artsakh where he fired weapons. Due to the contested nature of the country at the time, the government of Azerbaijan sent a note of protest to the United States government, demanding an arrest warrant for Bilzerian.

Unfortunately, the warrant did not go through, but Bilzerian remains on the country’s international wanted list.

Most notably, Bilzerian has boasted several times about participating in United States Navy SEAL training twice. He never actually became a SEAL, though, but curiously felt the need to sue the Lone Survivor film producers for not giving him more screen time.

In case Bilzerian wasn’t aware, Lone Survivor tells the true story of a 2005 group of American heroes who gave their lives fighting against Taliban insurgents. The film was a beautiful and emotional piece of cinema, telling one of the most notable stories in American military history.

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My boat bigger than your sugar daddies boat

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Yet, Bilzerian was upset that he didn’t have more screen time.

The next time there is a face time controversy surrounding a true military film, it would be best to handle those inquiries in private.

Regardless of all his past antics, Bilzerian has some serious business issues that he must deal with. Heffernan’s attorney mentioned that “her client looks forward to his day in court.”

Whether it goes to court depends on Bilzerian. We look reluctantly look forward to seeing the next chapter in the story.