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French Montana calls rappers who release albums with no features ‘weirdos’

French Montana has commented on the recent trend of rappers putting out albums with no features and it’s predictably hilarious.

In a recent interview with Paper magazine, French pointed to the social aspect of rap features, explaining that if he’s chilling with rappers and tells them he’s going to put out an album on his own they’ll stop fucking with him.

Here’s what French said,

“Who sits there thinking about weird shit like [going platinum with no features]? Those people who put albums out by themselves are weirdos. Music is about having fun. If I’m chilling with A$AP Rocky, or chilling with Drake or The Weeknd and we record, and then I have to say, ‘Look here, bro, I’m thinking about dropping this album just by myself’? Artists would stop fucking with you.”

I mean, I guess?

First off, very humbleflex right there from the BX legend to talk about casually chilling with those stars.

But I’m not sure about his logic here. French, you can still maintain your friendships despite not featuring artists on your music! Your friends like you for you, never forget that Mr. Montana.

French does seem to shine best when he has features, a glance at his latest album Jungle Rules does reveal appearances from some of the biggest artists around with Swae Lee, Young Thug, Pharrell, The Weeknd, and Future.

I think the feature thing, or lack thereof, is just an aesthetic choice. Artists who choose to release an entire project without features (J. Cole, Future, 21 Savage) show that they can carry a record by themselves and there’s definitely something to that.

J. Cole fans are to blame for the feature thing becoming a meme with the whole “J. Cole went platinum with no features!” bullshit, but there is a certain skill to be able to drop a rap record without assistance from any other artists.

I’m not sure these dudes are weirdos, but I imagine they view music a little differently than French, who seems to be all about his friendships.