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FOH ladies: It’s a Hot Boy summer whether you realize it or not

Oh, boy, am I gonna get ripped apart for writing this one but regardless I’m doing this for all the guys out there who are not having a Hot Boy summer. Also, lowkey, as I write this there’s already an internal KH war brewing about and I’m shooketh. So, stay posted for the one, two, clap back.

Still, it has to be worth it right? Us Hot Boys have to deny until we die, savage until we do damage, and fuck around until the sun goes down. Yes, ladies, you run the world but without our savage ways, you would have no reason to.

Don’t front y’all lowkey need us.

What would you “hot girls” do without gas tanks left on E, your little friends’ group not getting ran thru, or our devious little plots to have a side chick for every occasion? To be honest, there would be no #hotgirlsummer, ju hurd.

You Hot Girls aren’t savage either? Y’all dub us at every turn and at times look at us like walking bags. We are on our hustle too, ya know. Still, there is a chance for us to join forces.

The combination of our savage ways could intertwine for the greater good. There could be fun summer days jam-packed with moments of hotness. Shish kabobs on the dance floor, backwoods at the most gentrified spots, or turning up when no one else is, it’s all a part of the package OG.

Still, who doesn’t love a little competition?

*Ahem. Healthy competition. Ladies go out there and get your bag, gee that man, and always think that you’re beautiful. “Hot Boys” aka fuccbois, don’t let em gee you cuz, stack your paper, and gas yourself up.

Don’t let these Meg the Stallions or City Girl types (I’m in love with Meg) get the best of you because they will. Stay focused fam and chase the motivation everything else will follow accordingly.

Unless you really are just a cold boy. Shit, hot damn, we all need a fire summer. Hot Boys up 100.