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FOH: 7 stupid ass laws that women still have to deal with in 2018

The law is far from perfect. It’s flawed, it’s archaic, and sometimes, it’s downright unjust.

Although the U.S. is known for having some bizarre laws of it’s own, like how it’s illegal for a woman to be unshaved in Carrizozo, New Mexico, or how we cannot eat dead frogs as part of California’s frog-jumping contests, there are some laws currently in effect that just blow our minds with their peculiar nature.

You’ll find some in your home state, while others extend beyond the USA’s jurisdiction.

Here are the craziest laws women have to look out for around the world.

Married women can only have one drink in Bolivia

If you’re popping by Bolivia’s administrative capital, La Paz, don’t even think about a crazy night out if you’re a married woman.

The law states that married women within city limits are allowed only one glass of wine in a public spot, lest they might possibly get too rowdy and cheat on their husbands.

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Of course, this law doesn’t apply to men. Furthermore, if a married woman does have more than one glass, the husband is allowed grounds for divorce.

Rape is a-okay as long as you’re married in a few countries

India, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Morocco, Haiti, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Singapore, and the Bahamas are just a few countries among many that are accepting of marital rape.

According to the law, it’s not raping if you’re engaged in a legally bound marriage, even if the spouse is underage.

These countries integrate religious doctrines into their laws, so it’s not too shocking that this is the case.

Some even allow rapists to marry the child or woman raped before marriage.

If you crush beer with your boobs in Australia, you’ll get fined

While public exhibition is illegal in most places, definitely don’t think about crushing beer with your boobs in the land down under.

A barmaid was fined $1,000 in Perth for attempting to crush beer with her breasts.

The owner of her pub had called the incident “a massive over-reaction and an absolute joke” at the time.

And speaking of drinking laws, it just became legal for women in Sri Lanka above the age of 18 to purchase alcohol for the first time in over 60 years.

The changes came after recognizing that most of the country’s population is Buddhist, exterminating the need for a restriction.

If you’re wanting to skydive, just make sure it isn’t on a Sunday

This one is in the Sunshine State itself.

Florida has a bunch of stupid laws, but this probably takes the cake.

If you’re an unmarried woman who’s looking to go skydiving, don’t think about going on a Sunday.

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According to state law in Florida,

“A special law prohibits unmarried women from parachuting on Sunday or she shall risk arrest, fine, and/or jailing.”

Umm… Okay.

In a few countries, women aren’t allowed to wear trousers

Fun fact: Until January 2013, wearing pants in Paris was illegal for women. The law started back in the 1800’s, when preventing women from “taking a prominent role in the era’s social upheaval,” according to the Atlantic. 

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Seems Sudan and North Korea and Swazilaand continue to uphold this law, since trousers have a dominating connotation to them.

If you wanna work in Turkey, you need your husband’s permission

You aren’t allowed to get a job in Turkey if you’re a married woman unless your husband approves it.

Because of this, a mere 29% of women in Turkey are employed.

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Of course, divorce is an option, but would want to do that when a woman must give up all joint assets after leaving her man?

And of course, no property rights

Countries found in Asia, Africa, and most of the Middle East, limit women to martial and inherent property, so long as there is a man in the picture.

Women in India are not allowed assets upon divorce, much like women of Turkey. Though it’s been legal for daughters to obtain property under the Hindu Succession Act, old customs still prevent daughters from doing so.

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Of course, these are just a few laws that are still going today. There are plenty more out there, and they go from hilarious to very ugly.

Make sure you know your rights when traveling, no matter what country (or state) you’re visiting. You wouldn’t want to find yourself handcuffed over a cop car over a thrill-seeking adventure on a Florida coast vacation.