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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are going to fight… but why?

On August 26th in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will finally fight after years of posturing and bullshitting back and forth.

The spectacle will probably earn both fighters about 9 figures, with the entire world set to tune in, but the fight itself is mostly pointless.

Yes, the fight will make everyone involved a shit-ton of money. I mean, you’re gonna buy the pay-per-view, shit, I’m gonna buy the pay-per-view and I’m writing words about how the fight is going to suck.

But it will suck, mostly because one dude is an undefeated boxer, maybe the greatest pound-for-pound boxer in recent history, who has been fighting professionally for over 20 years and the other dude is not a professional boxer at all, and while he’s good at hitting people, again, he’s not a professional boxer.

Granted, McGregor’s greatest strength within THE OCTAGON is his punching. He has quick and powerful punches, unnerving his opponent with combinations, mostly relying on footwork that gives the illusion of an incoming kick, and then striking with his hands.

The issue here being that McGregor can’t kick, or do virtually anything that he knows how to do, within a boxing ring. McGregor has to basically learn an entirely new sport and then try to beat a dude who has never ever lost at that very sport.

The only chance McGregor has is to attack Floyd and bring some chaos into the ring, he’s just not going to outlast Money Mayweather.

Floyd’s style of boxing is perfectly suited to stamp out any fires that McGregor will try to bring to the ring. Floyd is defensive, quick, and opportunistic. He wins fights by not getting hit, while hitting this opponent with efficient blows.

While it’s hard to imagine Floyd knocking out McGregor, at the same time there’s just zero chance McGregor can last 12 rounds of strategic and calculated boxing against the greatest boxer of the last 25 years.

Again, McGregor’s only chance is to knock Floyd out, but that is just straight up not gonna happen, because it’s never happened in Floyd’s 49 career fights against actual boxers.

As much as it hurts to count out my Irish brother, the odds are ridiculously stacked against him, literally. Mayweather started out as a -1100 favorite in Vegas (for all you non-degenerates out there that means you have to risk $1,110 to win $100).

So, the question we must ask ourselves is why is this fight happening? The answer is, of course, money, with both fighters set to take home an estimated $100,000,000.

But that Floyd is coming out of retirement to fight McGregor also reveals flaws in the world of boxing itself. Is there really no one that can generate as much hype and excitement fighting Floyd than a UFC fighter?

Anyways, this fight is a huge farce from a sporting perspective, but an ingenious idea from a marketing, entertainment, and money-making perspective, which is ultimately what Floyd, McGregor, and boxing are all about.

The whole world will tune into this spectacle to watch Floyd toy with an amateur and then they’ll both head home with their bank accounts padded and we’ll all be out $100 cash to Showtime and wonder why we just watched this shit.

On the bright side, we can all laugh at Piers Morgan.