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First ever Tom Brady docu-series will show what life is really like for the GOAT

Tom Brady is one of the best football players of all-time. Tom Brady is also as interesting as a slice of stale toast. Brady embodies the New England Patriots myopic pursuit of winning, it’s what makes him so damn good, and so damn boring.

But a new docu-series, produced by Facebook’s video platform Facebook Watch, entitled Tom vs. Time, may reveal more about the man that has become the standard of 21st century footballing excellence.

Brady said in a statement about Tom vs. Time that he sees the series as an opportunity to show an unfettered and previously unseen depiction of his life and personality:

“I have thought for many years how cool it would be to show fans other aspects of my life and interact with them in a different way. I have been a part of features in magazines, newspapers and TV shows, but I’ve never tried anything like what we decided to do with this docu-series… I think we captured something special in this and I am proud of the entire team of people who worked hard to make it happen. The docu-series is intimate, in-depth and more personal than anything I’ve released on my social channels, so I think it will be a great way of extending my reach to people on Facebook Watch.”

The filmmaker Gotham Chopra, son of Deepak Chopra, shot the series for Facebook Watch and told The New York Times that over time Brady opened up while filming:

“Tom is not a sentimental guy, necessarily. But I do think, as we talked, he was sort of discovering parts of himself. It’s like therapy. It’s the process of saying it and giving voice to it.”

The Times reports that Brady does indeed appear to be rather sentimental in the series, saying in one episode that sports functions as a vehicle to understand the “whys in life”:

“I do want to know the whys in life. I do want to know why we’re here, where we’re going; trying to find that deeper purpose. To live it, through sports in a very authentic way, makes so much sense to me.”

It’s unclear what any of that means, but Tom vs. Time definitely seems like a new opportunity for any Tom Brady fans to see another side of the quarterback.

The series documents Brady’s home life with extensive interviews with Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and The Times described one scene with Brady and his kids:

“The sequence of the Brady children singing along to Vance Joy’s ‘Riptide’ while dad drives home from the stadium after a November win over Miami is, to use the artistic term, rather precious.”

The timing of the series is especially interesting after ESPN’s Seth Wickersham published a massive story last week reporting a growing rift within the Patriots inner-circle of Brady, Bill Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft.

Much of the tension in the Patriots organization is reportedly caused over Brady’s personal trainer and serious weirdo Alex Guerrero, who once claimed he could cure cancer.

Guerrero is apparently a recurring character in the series. Bill Belichick, unsurprisingly, is not. It’ll be interesting to see if Tom vs. Time does address the recent controversy surrounding the Patriots.

As of now there is no release date set on the series, which will drop after the Patriots season.