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Finally Focused: Meet Italian erotic photographer Leonardo Glauso

Leonardo Glauso is an erotic photographer with an eye for naturalness but stays knee-deep in books and his magazine, Resuer, to keep him busy.

The Italian born, Florence resident has been inspired by his family and his city and is finally focusing his efforts. Photoshoots have been halted and photographers everywhere have been resisting the urge to go out and shoot for the safety of their communities.

Unless you’re a journalistic photographer, it’s safe to say ‘stay home’ for the sake of shooting tomorrow. But what are the photographers of tomorrow doing or have done to transcend their artistry past this pandemic?

Photos by Leonardo Glauso

Motivated and influenced by his family, from an early age Leonardo was infused with the passion for art. The cities of Italy played a part as around each corner he was consumed by the architectural artistry.

Still living in Florence, Leonardo has manifested his photographic talents into books of boudoir women, and since 2015 has been publishing Resuer, a boudoir magazine where he explores the ultimate expression of femininity and naturalness of women.

“I think the woman’s lines are the maximum expression of art and naturalness.”

Photographer Leonardo Glauso
Photos by Leonardo Glauso

As an artist, Leonardo is a purist who believes that “the important thing is the vision of the photographer.” Not compromised by the tool he relies on — his eye and artistic capabilities. Aware of the range of camera models out there, Glauso tends to be non-specific when it comes to his weapon of choice.

Photos by Leonardo Glauso

“My first camera was a small compact digital [camera] as a gift from my parents,”

Leonardo explains. He can be found working with his 24-70mm, most likely, as it is his go-to when traveling.

Leonardo Glauso erotic photographer
Photos by Leonardo Glauso

Resuer has been a catalyst for his photography over the years. Inspired by movies and passionate about magazines, it is his platform for his work and the work of other artists who want to create in this lane.

A product of his artistic studies Resuer magazine is an ever-updating portfolio of Leonardo’s work.


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Although he may receive some backlash for his style of photography and artistic eye, Leonardo is happy that his work is being noticed and elicits a response – something a young artist thrives on.

I have always had a great passion for magazines, I wanted to create a space to give visibility to emerging and non-emerging artists.

Photos by Leonardo Glauso

Glauso has focused his lens on a subject that, to him, is a homage to the naturalness of the lines a woman creates with her body. While relinquishing himself of constructs and frills, his photographic eye is natural and fresh.

Now, with the daily hustle subsiding to quarantine living, Leonardo is using this time to“Listen to himself and reflect on the future.”

“The positive thing is that by getting out of the hustle and bustle of life, I was able to listen better to myself and reflect on the future.”


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