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Finally Focused: Here are 7 photographers to look out for in 2020

Let me just start by saying, there are too many dope creators to even begin with. From city to city, coast to coast, I’ve personally seen the talent firsthand and it’s just plain old inspiring.

No one ever had anything handed to them and everybody moved with the same confidence and poise while executing their projects. In no particular order, here are seven of the hottest shooters to look out for in 2020.



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Straight outta’ the A, Cam Kirk has already inspired kids all over his city. The versatility in his hustles, being a shooter and a businessman, is exactly what the world needs in young creatives.

It’s apparent, too, as his studio space, Cam Kirk Studios, is one of the most booked studios in ATL. Moving from Maryland to college at Morehouse, Kirk has since transformed his life into monthly workshops, installations, music videos, and studio sessions. 


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If you haven’t heard of Louie yet, just wait.

As far as efficiency goes, he’s got it. At 28-years-old, he’s managed to work with some of the hottest artists of this generation like NBA YoungBoy, Trippie Redd, and PnB Rock, while stepping up his own branding at the same time.

Furthermore, he offers internship opportunities for young creators on the West Coast.

I had the chance to work side by side with Louie throughout PnB Rock’s “Catch These Vibes” tour and the man’s a straight-up workhorse. Whether it’s taking flicks during the day, or shooting a video at night, he’s always working.

As he heads into 2020, there’s no telling where his work will take him.


Now, you can’t mention LA photography without Ace.

For those who haven’t peeped the first issue of “Finally Focused,” the moment Ace touched down in LA, all the way from Florida, it was the beginning of the rest of his life.

Like many other shooters, Ace actually keeps his face out of the spotlight and only showcases his work. From lifestyle shoots, model portraits, to even brand concepts, he’s done it all.

Still, the one thing that draws people to him is the fact that his experiences were similar to so many other creators in this industry. His work is the definition of inspiration.



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Before I knew who exactly Dana Scruggs was, I knew her work graced my IG feed too many times for it to be a coincidence.

After I did a little dive into her world and started paying attention, I saw the hungry, young shooter she was. Every time I went to her page, she broke a new barrier for herself and it was motivating to watch.

From the pits of Chicago to becoming the first black person who shot a Rolling Stone cover? Now, that’s work ethic and, most importantly, focus. As a black woman, most don’t comprehend the invisible obstacles. They can’t. 

As a shooter, Scruggs is truly in love with the human form. Going through her work, I genuinely got a look at her vision. The way she paints the standard portrait is the opposite of average, and now, some of the most well-known publications see it too.

All it took was time.

If you haven’t yet, you’ll see Scruggs kicking in 2020 with her next hottest project. 



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I feel like 20K has been on everyone’s radar now for some time, but not too many know about “Yung Mike,” the face behind the movement.

With a big Meek Mill co-sign, there wasn’t much in the way of Mike’s goals.

Artists love this dude and they love working with him.

Between Future or Meek taking turns flying him out or building the 20k brand to be one of the hottest collectives of shooters on the East Coast, it’s crazy to think he’s still transitioning to greatness. I know he has plenty of fire content just waiting for the new year to drop.



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On my grind ain’t no slowing down.. 📸: #estwstphotos

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With the hallowed QC co-sign, Tor has been on a steady rise ever since he directed his first video for Lil Baby, “Freestyle.”

Since then, he’s been on multiple tours and worked with artists like Rick Ross, the Migos, and Gunna. Still, one thing that I’ve noticed about Tor is his diligence. Regardless of where he’s been or where he is, the content has always been consistent.


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Global 🌐 🎥: #estwstphotos

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I feel like sometimes creatives get into the habit of putting more effort into their work for a “hotter” artist, versus putting the same energy into everything they do.

Tor is a prime example of why NOT to do that. Even before he got paired with Quality Control’s up and coming, new artist, Lil’ Baby, he was going full steam.

Turning your life around from graphic design and marketing for brands like Pandora and Moxie to your very own global production company “ESTWST. PHOTOS” is no small feat.

I know anything he has coming up in 2020 will definitely solidify him as one of the hottest shooters in the game.


Apex Visions set her name apart some time ago when artists realized they didn’t need to see a tag to know she shot the photo.

Like Ace, Apex doesn’t feel the need to even show her face on social media. She had separated her work and created a unique style for herself that other shooters couldn’t match. 

Honestly, she did what each and every one of us as shooters should do… Pave our own lane.

Growing up in Canarsie, deep in BK, she had to go out and find her opportunities – they didn’t just come to her. 

Apex Visions didn’t just sit back and shoot what she was comfortable with, she reached out to people and ended up shooting some of the biggest names in music like Dave East and A Boogie.

The more I’ve watched her grow, the more I became aware of the dedication she put into her craft. I feel like the 20s are going to be her break out years and personally, I’m here for it.

You should be too.

This group of seven is going to make noise next year and that’s a FENDI. Considering all of them are already growing their following to some pretty decent numbers.

Still, this isn’t all to say ‘look how much better these shooters are.’ Yes, these are some talented people, but digging into each of their stories, it’s easy to see they all started where we once were. 

No one rigorously studied photography in school, and for anyone that does, they’re just some things you can’t teach. Regardless of the difference in photos or videos between these shooters, the work ethic and focus are transparent throughout them all. 

My only hope going into 2020 is that we can all finally focus up and get this bag, doing what we all love to do — create.