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Fight Kulture: Reese Scott’s Women’s World of Boxing Part I

What are you fighting for?

When heard initially, the word “fight” may prompt visuals of violence, gore, or an old 90s action flick. But the word speaks to so much more. It’s mental, emotional, it’s universal and when said it can be felt by all.

For too long, the idea of fighting was seen as solely masculine, building a multitude of social constraints that discouraged women from participating in combat sports and while these constraints have slowly been lifting, they still exist.

One of the many pillars supporting and fueling women in combat sports is none other than Reese Lynn Scott, owner of New York City’s first women’s only boxing gym, Women’s World of Boxing

Right at the tip of Harlem lies a getaway, a  safe space, a home to women of all ages to do one thing. Fight

Fresh off of its two year anniversary, WWBOX has built a community for women in the city to be themselves. At the heart of this community is Scott, full-time trainer and soul-sister to all. 

Scott fell in love with boxing at a crucial time in her life. On the surface, she had it all – the career, the finances, but at the end of the day, she wasn’t happy even though society told her she should be.

This disconnect led her to fall into a deep depression, compromising not only her emotional health but her physical as well. 

One day, Scott walked into a boxing gym near her office and never looked back. While her determination and newfound energy in fighting helped her find new fulfillment, the manner in which herself and other women were treated in traditional boxing gyms didn’t sit well. 

Scott took a bet on herself and quit her esteemed publishing gig to open a safe haven where women didn’t have to worry about their appearance, their presumed ability or hearing disingenuous remarks during their workout.

She set forth to open a place where women could just be themselves and continue to fight their fight without having to consider any opinions other than their own. 

Peep the video above for Part I of our chop up with the charismatic enigma about her journey and the roots of the iconic gym.