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Fernando Tatis Jr. and Ethernity Chain launch world’s most exciting NFT

The NFT ship continues to flow downstream as athletes like Fernando Tatis Jr. are pairing up with Ethernity Chain, paving the way to sell their own collectible items.

Everyone and their mother are hopping on the NFT wave! With such an astounding pool of investors, an openly sourced global market, and the opportunity to cash grab, many celebrities have also started to jump aboard.

fernando tatis jr. collectible item
Due to technical difficulties, the auction was pushed back one day to today, Tuesday, April 27. (Ethernity)

Tatis Jr. has declared his most recent set of NFT’s as the collectibles of the future. He has signed 123 bats which he plans to mint and release online. The companies that worked with Tatis Jr. are Ethernity Chain, Victus Sports, and Impossible Brief. 

Ethernity utilizes a decentralized financial model that hosts notable artists and people on their platform. Impossible Brief specializes in NFT art and Victus Sports is the actual sponsor for Tatis Jr. baseball bats. Together, all parties worked together to develop a supercharged unlockable baseball bat.

ethernity chain and fernando tatis jr.
The El Niño (Coinspeaker)

Taking the world by storm with collectible items

The “El Niño” is a hand-crafted gold-embossed baseball bat that is quickly becoming a real-world collectible.

The dark wood grain, ash wood, 24K gold leaf embossment and dark stormy aesthetic exemplify all of the incredible design elements infused by everyone involved. This item truly feels like it deserves highly coveted inquiries.

fernando tatis jr.
Fernando Tatis Jr. celebrates with jubilance (Friars on Sports)

Tatis Jr. is a groundbreaking ballplayer. He is clearly the most recognizable baseball talent in all of California. As a member of the San Diego Padres, Tatis proudly reigns from the Dominican Republic.

He represents his country to the fullest and does so in honor of his father Fernando Sr. David Ortiz and many other legendary figures that have come from his homeland.

A resounding resurgence for Tatis Jr.

After coming back from a debilitating injury, Tatis Jr. has created quite the resurgent buzz surrounding his efforts this year. He is a monster behind the plate and also represents symbolic change through his off-the-field efforts.

As a club centerpiece, there is no better individual to run a major online auction through than Tatis Jr.

ethernity chain collectible items
The El Niño NFT Bat (Coinspeaker)

Fernando continues to break boundaries on the diamond and in the online crypto space. His goal is to drive a revolution toward global giving and collectible items.

To do so, he knows that we must protect our planet with a traceable and responsible impact. Look for Tatis Jr. to continue to utilize his influence and do so in ways that care for our planet.