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F*ck Kevin Spacey, but here’s how we can still save ‘House Of Cards’

Kevin Spacey is one of the biggest names to roll in the Hollywood sexual assault scandals as many men have come forward alleging that he made unwanted sexual advances on them.

What was the most shocking? Actor Anthony Rapp claimed Spacey sexually assaulted him in 1986, when Rapp was only 14.

Because of all the allegations the Academy Award winning actor has gotten dubbed from almost every project he had been working on. Netflix does not fuck with him at all.

In a statement released by Netflix on Friday, they said, “Netflix will not be involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey.”

The decision to continue the show without Spacey is still up in the air. The Chicago Tribune reported, Netflix said it will work with the show’s production company MRC to evaluate whether it will continue without him.

Just because Spacey is a creepy, disgusting freak does that mean House of Cards fans have to suffer? Maybe not.

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**Warning: Spoiler Alert**

If you can remember, Season 5, ends with a bang, Claire Underwood looking directly into the camera saying, “My Turn.”

The scene gave me chills with hopes of seeing a woman playing the role of the most powerful position in the world – President of the US.

Let us remind you of the pivotal moment in House of Cards

We can’t let Kevin Spacey ruin this image of a woman president.

The idea is already seen in shows like Scandal and Veep, so I think the more the merrier. Getting the idea of a woman president into the minds of Americans all across the nation is exactly  what this country needs — a change.

There is a way to write out Kevin Spacey’s role, Frank Underwood, by the show absorbing exactly what he has been accused of in real life – sexual harassment and assault.

He was already pretty much done at the end of the show and is awaiting a pardon from Claire Underwood. Claire has to give him the pardon otherwise Frank will kill her, and none of us want that.

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So, what if after he’s pardoned the new season shows a news clip reporting that Frank Underwood is serving time for his sexual deviancy? That’s it, done. A very fair punishment to forever be remembered in a legendary show as a creep.

This is even if Spacey (in real life) isn’t found guilty of his sexual assault accusations. All of these Hollywood scandals need to be remembered and never forgotten, especially by all of those accused.

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Let’s make sure this shit doesn’t happen ever again.