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Ezra Koenig, Jaden Smith, and Desus and Mero are making anime together

On Tuesday, Ezra Koenig sent out a cryptic series of tweets that seem to reveal an anime collaboration with Jaden Smith and the Bodega Boys.

Koenig, lead singer of Vampire Weekend, tweeted:

“NEO YOKIO IS THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD. [Thanks] to Studio Deen, Production IG, Jaden Smith, Kazuhiro Furuhashi & many more.”

Koenig made his tweet a response from a 2015 post of Koenig with Jaden Smith with the caption “things are bubbling in the sea beneath 14th street.”

Then as response to an inquisitor, Koenig posted a brief clip of the upcoming series with the unmistakable voice of none other than The Kid Mero of Viceland’s Desus & Mero and the iconic Bodega Boys podcast.

So, what’s going on here?

Koenig and Smith’s social media accounts both link to an Instagram page @neoyokio, and a look through the rather nondescript pictures there reveal that whatever this is is coming to Netflix September 22nd.

So Neo Yokio seems to be super lit.

A collaboration between Ezra Koenig, Desus and Mero, and Jaden Smith is bound to be incredibly dope.

Assuming this isn’t some sort of elaborate joke, Neo Yokio is an assembly of some of the great talents of our time.

But honestly, as cool as it is to have world superstars and celebrity figures like Jaden Smith and Ezra Koenig collaborating on this, the real story here is Desus and Mero getting even more shine.


For all the members of the #BodegaHive that have been fucking with the art since back in the day, to see Desus and Mero out here doing Netflix shows with Jaden Smith and Ezra Koenig… it’s beautiful.

The actual details of Neo Yokio are still pretty unclear, but keep it locked for updates and wait for the reveal, whatever that may be, on September 22.