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Exploring the magical world of Frank Ape and artist Brandon Sines

Some of you may have seen half of this duo hanging out by the World Trade Center, the Arlo Hotel, East Village, P.S 9 in Brooklyn, or even in Los Angeles. Can you guess who they are? How and Nosm? Os Gemeos? Futura 2000 x Unkle 1998?

Close but not quite. The answer is Frank Ape and creator Brandon Sines!


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Frank Ape is the exuberant, quirky, and fun-having sasquatch you may have seen all throughout New York City and even in LA.

At the moment, Frank is most popular for his colorful appearance in “Everyone’s Different and Everyone’s the Same” mural. Located at the World Trade Center, the 100+ foot art work celebrates “all colors, shapes, and sizes.”

Brandon sines WTC mural
Everyone’s Different and Everyone’s the Same

Frank Ape, the cheerful, playful, and beaming sasquatch, simply lives. He travels from murals to t-shirts, doing the things that make him happy.

Whether he’s wearing a fedora while carrying a bouquet of roses across the Manhattan bridge, dressed as Batman, or telling Keith Haring’s legendary character that he’s a big fan, Frank Ape knows nothing but happiness and unashamed self-expression.

Brandon Sines Keith Haring
#23 – Fan of Love | Artist: Brandon Sines

His infectiously joyous life is a constant reminder of all the good-heartedness and positivity that can and does exist in today’s world.

The latter half of the duo, Brandon Sines, is the zany creator of the wildly adventurous sasquatch Frank Ape. Maybe, to some, Sines is simply the mind and hands behind Frank Ape.

However, he’s more than that.


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Sines is an adventurer, soul-searcher, and introspective artist who breathes life into his work, including his best bud Frank Ape. While creating the world of the mystical ape, Brandon continues to explore the recesses of his imagination.

More importantly, his artwork explores the moments of happiness, love, and “Rocking out to your own song’s beat!”

In addition, Sines’ relationship with Frank Ape extends beyond the limits of art and artist. He is also Frank’s loyal friend, admirer, and business partner.


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With their own site that showcases Frank’s story, featured prints, and merchandise, Brandon and Frank Ape are leaving their mark on the world one positive art piece at a time.

Brandon, who’s lived all throughout North America and currently resides in Astoria, Queens, is truly a unique mind and artist. His deftness of hand and boundless imagination allows him to create the magical yet relatable worlds where Frank Ape roams happily and freely.

Without further ado, Kulture Hub is excited to introduce Brandon Sines and Frank Ape!

Brandon Sines 

As the [art] world becomes more familiar with you and Frank Ape, what are some of the key themes you want to continue to express through your works?

Frank’s core principles are generally the positive qualities found within each of us… Kindness, compassion, creativity as well as community, integrity, hard work, and respect.

Who is Frank Ape’s feline sidekick?

Frank’s main sidekick is his orange smush-faced cat named Spaghetti who is based on my real cat and is just fun to go on adventures with.


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A post shared by Frank Ape™ (@frank_ape) on Aug 10, 2019 at 7:57am PDT

How would you describe your journey as a person and as an artist so far? 

I feel very blessed to be in the position I’m in with my art where I can positively impact people I’ve never met. As a kid, I didn’t know what direction to go and the road was bumpy for a time.

When I created Frank and felt people’s response I finally felt like ‘OK this is something special.’ I got into this positive feedback loop where I wanted to keep making this art that people liked but also felt inspired by and even found solace in during tough times.

It’s therapeutic for me and I hope for my audience as well.

Brandon Sines Frank Ape
#39 – World Embrace and #25 Protect Your Rainbow | Artist: Brandon Sines
Who is Brandon Sines? What is he about? Frank is, of course, every bit mystical, quirky, and unique but the people want to know more about Brandon, the man behind the scenes.

Well, I’m an 80s baby who grew up in LA, NYC, and Toronto. I was an only child (I have a half brother who I met later in life), and felt pretty isolated and different from my peers most of the time.

I got along with most people but at the end of the day I usually would go into a world I created in my head where I could come up with ideas and derive inspiration from my imagination.

That’s pretty much who I am now as well.

Brandon Sines NYC
Artist Brandon Sines

Frank Ape

What’s it like being Frank Ape?

Well, I’m a Sasquatch who lives in New York City amongst humans but without human limitations. I have special powers that even I continue to discover as I’m tested by the many challenges of life.

I do my best to embody positivity and equality, and I care about all living things. I can be seen all over the world on any given day but it is New York City that I call home.

Brandon Sines NYC
#29 – Timeless NYC and #36 – Beneath the Surface | Artist: Brandon Sines
If you could create an alter ego or, better yet, bring to life your creation of art, what/who would it be and why?

Well, I already am an alter ego of Brandon Sines but I suppose if I were to create my own alter ego it would be “dark frank” and they could explore the not so positive aspects of our existence.

I see that you’re constantly photobombing pictures with other well-known characters from pop art and culture. Who has been your favorite character to work with thus far? Also, whose world do you look forward to visiting next?

Aw, that’s a tough one… I do kind of have Homer Simpson’s mouth so I think I’ll have to say that’s been my fav so far since it’s fun to see our similarities. I would love to visit the Elmo’s, Spidermans, and all the other mythical creatures at Times Square!

I’ve been a fan of so many of them for so long.

Brandon Sines Warriors
#14 – The Warriors | Artist: Brandon Sines
Frank, you’re an interesting ape. That said, what brings you to a place as mystical and almost mythical as New York? Is it a part of a bigger picture?

New York is definitely my home base. I just love the mix of people, cultures, history and everything else that makes NYC so special. I came here because it’s one of the only places I can walk around practically unnoticed!

Tell us, if you were to disappear from the face of the earth, what would be your parting gifts/words for the world?

I love you!

What Brandon and Frank Ape share transcends the relationship between art and artist.

Of course, Frank Ape is an extension of Brandon Sines. This is a given. Still, their relationship captures something more, something beautifully human, and hard to come across in contemporary art.

A message of love, life, and friendship.


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