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Every young entrepreneur should enroll into T-Pain’s School of Business

Multi-platinum recording artist and business mogul T-Pain is on the hunt for the dopest millennial entrepreneurs in the country.

In his new TV series, TPain’s School of Business, which premiered on 2018, the “Bartender” singer explores some of the most innovative and unique startups created by millennial entrepreneurs who are defining the future.

It goes without saying that T-Pain knows a good business idea when he sees one. His extensive track record of platinum records proves that.

To date, TPain has sold over 4.5 million albums, 20 million singles worldwide, and has over 3 billion digital streams. He’s a pioneer with auto-tune, and without a doubt transfers his perfect perspective to entrepreneurship.

In fact, the Grammy-winning songwriter dropped out of eighth-grade showing us that there is more than one pathway to success.

“It doesn’t take a Harvard MBA to become a successful entrepreneur. All you need is a real world education and professor T-Pain to show you how it’s done.”

Peep as ‎Teddy Penderazdoun gets a feel for each groundbreaking company. The Artiphon (a digital instrument that adapts to you), Vite Ramen (a healthy version of ramen), and Rebel Coast (weed-infused wine) are just a couple of the quirky start-ups that viewers will learn about.

Beyond T-Pain’s stamp of approval, each entrepreneurial reveal gives viewers an inside look of how all of these young millennial business owners got started and what it took to turn their ideas into a reality.

If you are looking to start your own “unicorn company” TPain’s School of Business is definitely worth the watch. You will learn the ins and outs of a successful business as T-Pain tries out new products and asks all of the questions we want answers to.

Tune in every Tuesday at 11 pm on Fuse for new episodes of TPain’s School of Business or check out to never miss a beat.

Lowkey, you can check out the first episode of TPain’s School of Business below.