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eSports and Photography: Getty Images levels up with Gran Turismo

Visual communications and media company Getty Images is now taking their sports photography to the next level: eSports photography.

The company recently signed a deal with the creator of the Gran Turismo racing game series Polyphony Digital Inc., which cements Getty Images as the exclusive photographic agency for Gran Turismo Championships and live World Tour events.

How does eSports racing photography work?

Polyphony has incorporated a fully functioning camera system within the game that allows Getty Images to shoot imagery as we would in real life. This includes complete control over shutter speeds, aperture control, and filter options.

With this new tech, an eSports photographer can move around within the game world at their choosing via a specialized PS4 unit to position themselves. All while enjoying complete creative freedom.

Together with their experience in shooting real-world motorsports, the partnership is a powerful combination.

Known by many for its massive stock photography collection, the company also has an impressive amount of sports photography and covers approximately 50,000 events per year. But entering the world of esports is a whole new ball game, and has a great deal of potential for photographers.

“This partnership with Polyphony Digital signifies the next phase of sport photography and the true growth that is occurring across the esports landscape,” said Getty Images Global Head of Content Ken Mainardis. 

Not only that, but esports attracting the attention of a massively popular visual communications company reflects the massive growth the field has seen in recent years.

Esports events already attract thousands of live spectators in addition to millions of watchers on streaming platforms such as Twitch. Tournaments for Gran Turismo’s events alone have taken place around the world including in Nuremberg, New York, Salzburg, Tokyo, Sydney, and Monaco.

The eSports world is massive and extends beyond just racing games like Gran Turismo. Popular video games for esports also include ones such as League of Legends, Counter-StrikeFortnite, and a wide assortment of many more games.

This deal between Getty Images and Polyphony Digital Inc. will not only arguably draw more attention to esports and racing games, but also make this content more accessible to spectators. It’s a beneficial deal for parties on both sides, and now fans will have better access to content from Gran Turismo eSport events.

Cutting edge images of intense racing and cars speeding past aren’t just restricted to the real world now. With Getty Images entering the esports photography world, perhaps more companies will follow suit, and sports photography and esports photography might just even become one and the same.

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