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Eminem’s most outrageous moments that prove he’s doesn’t give a f*ck

Eminem dropped his ninth studio album Revival today and let’s just say there’s some very mixed reviews on it. Some people are saying it’s aight, but when The Guardian is flaming your shit, you know you probably need to go back to the drawing board.

Not saying that the album doesn’t have anything good going for it, but we realistically ain’t gonna bump that shit!

The saying goes, “trust the art, not the artist,” but in Eminem’s case it’s deadass the other way around. We respect the hell out of what he’s accomplished and overcome to get where he is today and if there’s anyone who embodies the American Dream, it’s him!

This dude made it from the trailer parks of Detroit to becoming a multi-millionaire success with a Taco Bell in his crib! If that’ ain’t ballin’, then what is?

If there’s one thing above all that Em has proven over the years, it’s that he truly doesn’t give a fuck. He’s always being himself and isn’t scared to face his demons and poke fun at who he is. He’s pretty fearless when it comes down to it.

We may all think that Eminem is mad serious and angry these days but the dude’s first music video for “Please Stand Up” was the furthest thing from that. He’s been wildin’ out at these award shows and he’s 50 Cent’s “favorite white boy” for a reason.

Whether you still listen to Eminem or not, you gotta give it up for Marshall Mathers. He’s a fire father, a cultural icon, and a man who does whatever the f*ck he wants to.

If you can’t listen to his music, you’d better at least respect the man who’s done a hell of a lot more for the game of hip-hop than your ass ever will.