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Eminem says Jim Carey basically wrote his album ‘The Eminem Show’

Back in 2002, Eminem released his third studio album, The Eminem Show. While that’s making me feel really old, I remember being 10 years old like it was yesterday. My memory hasn’t gone to shit yet.

What do I remember the most? Sneaking around to get the album because I definitely was not of age, to hear the profound lyrics. Do you know what I had to do to even get my hands on that album? I had to sneak into my dad’s room and hit the special agent dip, tuck, and roll, all while this man was sleeping.

I can hear my parents yelling at me now after they popped open my Discman, realizing the damage had already been done, and taking it away from me for three years. Thank God, I had the homies burn an extra disc for me.

The Eminem Show really brings back a lot of childhood memories and when I saw that Eminem was doing a 15th-anniversary project on the album it really got my hype. Just watching snippets of him and Dre in the studio, Em performing “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” rekindled some of those memories of when I first started listening to rap music.

Four days ago legendary rapper, Eminem dropped a teaser on da Gram

I mean who could forget the Grammy Award winning album that has sold 11,600,000 copies in the United States and over 30 million copies worldwide? Not to mention hosting writers like Steven Tyler, producers like Dr. Dre, and a feature from Nate Dogg.

What about the inspiration behind The Eminem Show? In the credits for the anniversary album, he posted on the Gram, he explained that Jim Carey’s 1998 film, The Truman Show, was the driving force behind the album’s creation.

Let me find out that Jim is the ill ghostwriter

During this time, Eminem had an ill dedication to his craft, paired with a do or die mentality. He promised in “Till I Collapse” that if his lyricism ever declined that he’d rather put the pen down than rap whack bars.

Slim Shady even goes on to state that he’s the one who took Tupac’s audience after he died saying that the only difference between him and the late emcee is the swap of skin color.

Yo chill these bars from “Till I Collapse,” though.

Till I collapse I’m spillin’ these raps long as you feel ’em
Till the day that I drop you’ll never say that I’m not killin’ ’em
‘Cause when I am not, then I’ma stop pennin’ ’em
And I am not hip hop and I’m just not Eminem
Subliminal thoughts, when I’ma stop sendin’ ’em?
Women are caught in webs, spin ’em and hock venom
Adrenaline shots of penicillin could not get the illin’ to stop
Amoxicillin’s just not real enough
The criminal, cop killin’, hip-hop villain
A minimal swap to cop millions of Pac listeners

Last night he released the 15th-anniversary cassette album with a series of bundles featuring merchandise like an autographed poster and the fire Eminem Show t-shirt. Yes, you read that right I said cassette.

Peep The Eminem Show merch he posted on Twitter this morning

Peep Em in break of the millennium though.

If you are looking to cop the 15th-anniversary of The Eminem Show click here homie.