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Elon Musk is selling flamethrowers for the zombie apocalypse. Deadass.

Elon Musk just designed a flamethrower that looks like it can spark a fat blunt.

If you want to cop, you better act fast as the company said it plans to cap sales at 20,000 units.

To prove that this flamethrower is moving faster than the latest Supreme drop, 7,000 people and counting pre-ordered the “fun” weapon within a couple of hours.

Say hello to my little friend …

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The flamethrower, which was released through Musk’s site on Saturday, comes with two promises – livening up a party and defending you in case there is a zombie apocalypse.

What does Musk know that we don’t?

The flamethrower is a light $500 and could’ve been created for raising funds towards a greater cause – Musk’s tunneling operation. Prior to the flamethrower release, Musk released a hat that sold 50,000 units at $20 a piece.

It’s been said that Musk’s privately funded company has been selling merchandise to raise money for the tunneling operation, which is designed to bypass public infrastructure. Peep what the Teslaraiti has been working on lowkey.

This flamethrower could be worth the $500 cop if this is what the funds raised will be used for. Strapping people with flamethrowers is worth the risk if in a couple of years we’ll have tunnels designed to decongest traffic.

Still, Musk warns that this is a super terrible idea unless you like having fun. To add to the flamethrowing antics, the only way to avoid being burned alive is by using “cryptocurrency” as a safe word.

Seriously though if you are really that shook of being engulfed in 10 foot flames, will hold you down with a $30 fire extinguisher that you can add to your cart at the bottom of the flamethrower page.

Musk also tweeted that you shouldn’t be shook of any illegalities regarding the purchase of the fire cannon.

In addition to not getting bagged for purchasing the flamethrower, Musk added in his tweet that he’d be more afraid of someone wielding a steak knife than his A-grade flamethrowing device.

Listen this could be a worthy cop. In the event that there is an actual zombie apocalypse wouldn’t this flamethrower be the first weapon you grab? Definitely better than relying on some whack pitchfork.

Interested in copping the heat? Click here.

Great for roasting nuts

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