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Eating mad sugar is actually making you dumber, so chill with the snacks b

Drop it! Drop that sugar-filled snack out of your hand right now because what I’m about to tell you is about to change your life. Well, maybe just your diet.

A new study, states that necking that king size bag of candy with your lunch might not be worth the sugar rush it gives you or the coma it’ll put you in.

In fact, eating simple sugar or facing a giant glucose-full meal can cook your brain.

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The new study called The “sweet” effect: Comparative assessments of dietary sugars on cognitive performancefound preliminary evidence that simple sugars like glucose impair your ability to attain information.

New Zealand researchers tested 49 college students over the course of 16 weeks. Each participant was then divided into four different groups alternating every four weeks.

Each test group would then have to consume sweetened drinks. The drinks contained either glucose, table sugar, fruit sugar, or an artificial sweetener (the placebo).

After ingesting said sweetened drink, each test subject was then given a cognitive function test. Each test was identical, having the same questions in the same order. A blood test was also conducted to measure the blood glucose levels.

The results from the cognitive test found that participants who had consumed glucose or table sugar performed worse on the cognitive tests than those who had consumed a drink with fruit sugar or an artificial sweetener.

The effect was even more obvious in test subjects who were asked to fast 10-hours before.

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Why did this happen? The cognitive function of your brain is its ability to attain information and glucose which does make it to the brain, unlike fruit sugar, is making you stupid or less attentive.

Study author Mei Peng warned that sugar coma and its effects on the brain are real AF. She told PsyPost.

“That the ‘sugar coma’ – with regards to glucose – is indeed a real phenomenon, where levels of attention seem to decline after consumption of glucose-containing sugar.”

There is a lot more research to be conducted and Peng promises that “future research should further quantify how different brain regions change after sugar consumption.”

Get a hold of our sugar addictions before it’s too late. You don’t want to be that guy who is confused at all times.

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