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Dudes are now AirDropping dick pics to random women on NYC subways

There’s a disturbing new trend on the New York City subways.

Not only is your train never coming, never getting fixed, and the powers that be don’t care, apparently men are now AirDropping, uhhh, intimate pictures of themselves to unsuspecting women on the same train.

As the New York Post reports, a 28-year-old woman named Britta Carlson was riding the uptown 6 train on her way to a concert when she was hit with a request reading: “iPhone 1 would like to share a note with you,” Carlson accepted the request.

Unfortunately this was not a good note that iPhone 1 was sending. It was a very bad note. As Carlson told the Post:

“It was just a huge close-up picture of a disgusting penis… It really felt like someone had actually just flashed me… It never even crossed my mind that someone may use [AirDrop] to send stuff like that.”

Carlson isn’t the only New York woman to receive this type of message.

Frankie Navisch also told the Post about opening up a request for “Eduardo’s Picture” in which Eduardo revealed himself via AirDrop.

Navisch was understandably heated. She told the Post:

“I wanted to punch him in the mouth for carelessly buckshotting genitalia to phones that could potentially be owned by children… Was he looking for interaction, or is all he wanted was someone to look at his mini-monstrosity?”

This is all very worrisome.

AirDropping pics of your shmeat to unsuspecting women on the train is just the ultimate violation, sexually demented, and very illegal.

The only good dick pic is a formally-requested dick pic.