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Dude running for mayor in Cali is trying to legalize… magic mushrooms?

Are you trying to (legally) trip balls on magic mushrooms? Then you should move to California and vote for mayoral candidate Kevin Saunders.

According to The Guardian, Saunders claimed that the people need magic mushrooms in order to cope with the fucked up world we live in.

He thinks that legalization of the psychedelic component psilocybin could revolutionize the way we treat those with depression, addiction, and cluster headaches. Saunders claimed,

“The world is really hurting and everybody is at a loss about what’s going on right now with Trump, Brexit, the refugee crisis and everything else. I’m at a loss at what to do politically, but the only thing I feel like we could do is get psilocybin into more people’s hands…”

He added,

“It deflates the ego and strips down your own walls and defences and allows you to look at yourself in a different light… It could allow people to figure out what to do and could revolutionise the way we treat those with depression, addiction and cluster headaches.”

Is this hot-boy though? Do we really want people roaming the streets tripping balls? According to Adam Winstock founder of the Global Drug Society, mushrooms distort your perceptions, cognition, and emotions in a way that is totally outside of most people’s realm of normal experience.

Chill, let’s get recreational marijuana poppin’ first. The US is just getting started as it enters 2018. California is one of eight states looking to embrace recreational buds.

Still, Saunders thinks that legalizing magical shrooms is equally important. According to Sayunders, we’ve “learned a lot from marijuana and we are ready as a society.”

Welp, he’ll have to cop mad signatures in order for his motion to be placed on the statewide ballot. Realistically, Saunders needs 365,880 voters signatures on his California Psilocybin Legalization Initiative by the end of April 2018.

So far, he has 1,000 but he’s looking to cop more signatures at the college campuses and The Emerald Cup.

Who knows? Saunders could be onto something here. Homie had an experience when he had a revelation about his heroin addiction while tripping on magic mushrooms.

In an interview with the Guardian, Saunders said,

“I got to the root of why I made a conscious decision to become a heroin addict; I’ve been clean almost 15 years.”

If you’re looking to help Saunders get his magic mushrooms legalized and decriminalized hit him up – (831) 521-1469 or