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Dubai Police unveil the first Robotic Cop. What could go wrong?

Can you imagine getting stopped by a robotic snitch? The Dubai police have rolled out the first robotic officer and it will be the first unit of many robots to join the force.

The DPD is looking to amp up their backup, aiming for these mechanized snitches to take over a quarter of their force by 2030.

Not only does this thing use artificial intelligence to bag you but it can use face recognition technology to see if you are on the wanted list. The snitch can’t be that fast wheeling at 220 pounds. I can tell you right now, it wouldn’t catch me if it saw me toking.

How could this thing ever peace me?

The 70-inch tall cop droid can also engage with people too. Its emotion detector allows the robocop to recognize a person’s gestures and body language from five feet away.

The detector can tell if a person is happy, sad, and even angry by studying his or her facial expression.

Trust me it gets more sus’. The robot is said to have a list of corny ass jokes if it has to lighten the mood.

I don’t think robots should have a humor setting

Strapped with an interactive tablet, The Robosnitch can communicate with people, speak six languages, respond to public queries, and shake hands too.

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The Robocop also comes equipped with a navigation system so if it’s ever trapped in the hood it can find its way back to the robocrib.

That is if it doesn’t malfunction because someone snatched its hardware.

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Chill, Mask Off?

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Imagine the nightmares kids are going to have

Would you want this thing pulling up to your kid’s playground? OOPs!

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I am not chillin’ with a robot unless it got swag

To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about a robotic police force. Even though the only one in existence is in Dubai I know some real G’s that wouldn’t feel too good about it, if they saw one of these strolling around in their city.

Who knows? You might start seeing more robosnitches around your hood.