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Du-rag back: Why staying silky has always been the wave

The du-rag has made a comeback and we should all be stupid hype.

The du-du dates back to the 19th century when the less fortunate (slaves and poor laborers) needed something to tie their hair back with.

Fast forward to the 1930s, the “tie back hair du preserve” became common in households during the Great Depression and the Harlem Renaissance.

We all know the ’90s proved the du-rag to be a fashionable trend as our favorite athletes and artists started to sport them outside the crib.

That all blue du-du is tough

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We all know AI put it on for the du-rag

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Killa Cam Cam

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For most, it’s just a hair-cover protecting the fresh cut or edge-up you just copped from your neighborhood barber.

For others, it’s what makes the waves spin on the top of your dome or a fashion statement to go along with your outfit.

TBH you can rock the du-rag anywhere and it’ll be tough

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Only the silkiest can understand the true power underneath the du-rag

The feeling of revealing the fleek waves after a night of a tight du-rag wrap is like none other.

I’ve seen homies pull up with creases in their foreheads because of their commitment to the wave game. This shit is not for the soft-headed.

When you put it on and look in the mirror you feel a kind of gangsta power engulf your soul you know there’s no one that can stop you.

The funny thing is some (white) people are going to read this and say “This is not for me.” Fuck Outta Here, this wave is for everyone, you heard? Everyone can feel the power of the du-rag.

Eminem was ahead of the curve at the Grammys

LeBron be rocking it with some hope of copping his hairline back

We got our money on the Cavs today. #nbaonabc #giftwrappedwaves

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How do you think Mahershala Ali copped that Oscar? The power of the du-rag son

Today is an important day in Durag History. #GoldenGlobes #Moonlight

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A$AP Ferg rocks an emerald green du-du on his Still Striving album cover


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Still Striving 💪🏿 #ASAPFerg #StillStriving

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Rihanna has a damn crystal-studded du-rag

I know Diddy has some money under his

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Mero rose to fame with Desus because of the comedic genius under his du-rag

And Twelvyy has some kind of limited edition A$AP Worldwide du-du

@asap12vy “Strapped” track is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #NewNYer #35mm #aintnoapp #filmisnotdead

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My guys, the du-rag is poppin’ right now. So, go out there and cop that power for $3 from your neighborhood pharmacy or beauty store.

If you’re trying to become a mogul, be the best athlete, spit the fire bars, or just want to keep your hair on fleek, you best cop one.

WARNING: Results may vary.


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