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Dream bigger than anyone else: Diddy’s 7 keys to bossing up

Bossing up, being a straight up savage, and dreaming big are the characteristics of someone who needs to be successful. Basically one needs to encapsulate the life of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.

He learned to succeed through his failures. He proved, “you cannot achieve success without failure.”

His life has had its ups and downs. For example, Diddy dropped out of Howard University to pursue his music career then got fired while all of his friends were graduating and his wife was eight months pregnant and copping a crib.

It was through this extreme low that drove Diddy to build the Bad Boy empire. Instead of crying in the crib, homie looked at the situation, assessed it, and accomplished his dreams. One Diddy quote that changed my life,

“We’re all dreamers, but there’s a reality to achieve our dreams. And I think that’s what separates the successful dreamers from the people that lay in bed and dream, that when we open up our eyes, we see clearly what we have to do to achieve our dreams.”

Success is an addiction for Diddy. From Bad Boy he went on to engage himself in multiple business endeavors. He cannot be stopped.

Peep his unbelievable track record of success. BadBoy Ent. got it poppin’ and has been running the hip-hop game for almost 25 years. Diddy took Ciroc and turned the struggling vodka into a world-renowned liquor.

Homie had his own MTV show, Making the Band, and found himself designing the Dallas Mavericks’ jerseys. Lest we forget he created his own TV station, starting Revolt back in 2014.

Watch the video above and learn how to hustle for real. Learn something from a real hustler. A boss that “can’t stop, won’t stop.”