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Drake is being extra again: A very thorough investigation of recent IGs

Drake came through to drop two new tracks “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity” this weekend and he’s being all extra again, it’s great.

As we all know, Drizzy does his most effective work when he’s being dramatic, emotional, and a little salty and on these new tracks we get all of that.

On “God’s Plan” he raps:

“She say, ‘Do you love me?’ I tell her, ‘Only partly’
I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry”

Drake then backed up that completely ludicrous line with a fire gram post in the wee hours of the morning that stood as a sort of visual accompaniment.

I only love my…

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So “God’s Plan” is plenty extra but the real juice comes from “Diplomatic Immunity”, where Drake is just saying the most.

On “Diplomatic Immunity” we learn that Drake has very serious nicknames for his house and his studio.

“All factual, I call the house ‘the embassy’
The studio ‘the chapel’, I hate to travel”

Poor Drake, gotta travel on those world tours and chill in Dubai and shit. Life is so damn hard sometimes. Especially when you get tagged in Instagram pictures of women trying to expose you:

“Tired of women that may tag me in pictures airin’ my dirty laundry”

Ok, word, fair enough, but then… Drake airs all the dirty laundry:

“2010 was when I lost my halo
2017 I lost a J. Lo
A Rotterdam trip had me on front page though”

At first it’s like, cool, a random reference to a pristine Dutch port city, but a closer inspection of the lyrics (and knowing Drake can’t help himself), reveals that A Rotterdam sounds a lot like the nickname of a certain prominent former baseball player who now dates aforementioned J. Lo.

Drake came in the rap game with a big old emotional chip on his shoulder. His earliest projects, from Comeback Season to Nothing Was The Same, showed an artist struggling with relationships, sudden fame, and the unforgiving music industry.

He’s best when he’s airing grievances, no matter how intensely personal they may be. The reason that his most recent projects, Views and More Life, were less interesting than Take Care et al. is because Drake had grown complacent, but even more worryingly, content.

Drake, like LeBron, has to find some sort of motivation or form of personal grievance, to make his best work. And right now it looks like Aubrey is very much back on his bullshit.

Beyond his tea-spilling, messy-ass bars on his two recent tracks, a glimpse at Drizzy’s Instagram behavior recently shows he’s being extra as ever. Let’s take a look, shall we?

(Note: I’ve graded subsequent posts on a 1-10 extra scale, with 10 being the most extra.)

Drizzy posing extremely seriously in apparent construction site

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Drake, while passing through a building that is being renovated, must take a very chill squat pic for the gram. This is textbook extra-ness, but we’d expect nothing less from October’s Very Own.

7/10 extra points.

Takes pic in machine room, captions it “Machine Room”

Machine Room

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Here, Drake is not only inside a machine room, he also is the machine room. Very impressive use of a double entendre that doesn’t actually make any sense.

8.1/10 extra points.

Drake being all fanboy at the Raptors game

Telling Demar I need 52 every night till he retires

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Drake not only has many emotions, but he also likes sports. He’s a very well-rounded person with many interests.

Anyways, here he is telling DeMar Derozan (Drake calls him by his first name, because they’re boys) that he must score 52 points every night for Drake personally. DeMar is trying to get away as quickly as possible.

7.2/10 extra points

Drake asks his followers to roast him

Draymond was roasting my outfit…comment what you think he said

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Drake is super cool and chill and friends with everyone, including very important athletes like Draymond Green. Drake also needs to be roasted.

He wants you to roast his little puffy jacket so bad. ROAST HIM.

7.8/10 extra points

Drake, wearing LeBron’s high school jersey, shows off Steph Curry and Kevin Durant tattoos


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Drake is not only a fan and friend of the basketball players, he’s also very good at the basketball himself. Here he is on his very own court just balling like a normal guy with his LeBron jersey (his professional photographer just happened to be there).

Also, zoom in on his left arm and it appears that he has Kevin Durant and Steph Curry tattoos. He likes giving props to all the best players!

11/10 extra points.

Very candid sadboy pose in the studio (btw it’s 8 am)


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Drake is working very hard in the studio and getting very little sleep. Do you see how much work this dude puts in?

DO YOU SEE THE PAIN HE HAS TO DEAL WITH BECAUSE HE WORKS SO HARD?! You probably wouldn’t get it. Life is hard when you’re on top and you’re up in the stu chillin’ and recording hits and stuff.

168/10 extra points.

Checking phone very seriously while standing in front of Phantom

Mad Move

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This fuckin’ guy. This might be the most extra picture I’ve ever seen in my entire existence. Everything about this is ridiculous. Why you pursing your face like that, Drake?

A fuckin’ million/10 extra points.

Just chillin’, rippin’ some hookah, and sending some risky texts while in the stu

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Drake, despite the fact that he is one of the biggest artists of our generation, is just like you. He wears sweats, smokes hookah because he thinks it’s super chill, and sends those questionable texts while he’s supposed to be working. Very relatable content.

8.3/10 extra points


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This shit too extra/10 extra points.

Up in the strip club ayyyy

More appropriate portrait for the gram

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Drake is in the strip club but he’s not gonna take an inappropriate picture for the gram.

Instead, he’s gonna document his facial expression while looking at strippers with a wad of $1 bills in his hand. Wholesome shit right there.

9.1/10 extra points.



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Drake face/10 extra points.