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Drake has mad tattoos of people who are still alive, but why my guy?

Drake has never been shy when showing some love to those who inspire him.

When he fucks with someone he lets it be known like when he put Beyonce’s portrait in his studio or recently getting Denzel Washington immortalized on his body.

His tattoo collection is an interesting one to say the least. He has a tat of his favorite cologne as well as the prayer hands emoji, along with a bunch of portraits.

Most notable of his tattoos are the ones meant to honor his peers. This shouldn’t be too weird but it is considering how many tattoos he has dedicated to people still alive.

Don’t get me wrong, if Drake tattooed something on his body in dedication to me I’d be honored as fuck — but it’s still kind of weird.

Here’s the 5 tattoos Drake has that are kinda weird but flattering as hell:

Denzel Washington

The most recent of Drake’s portraits is Denzel Washington in his role of Bleek Gilliam, a fictional jazz trumpeter from the 1990 Spike Lee-directed film Mo’ Better Blues. 

The inspiration behind this tattoo isn’t so clear to me but hey at least it’s nice.

Denzel is the coldest motherfucker alive next to Samuel L. Jackson so maybe Drake just wanted some constant inspiration?


Hot skulllll for the Boy 🔥💀 @champagnepapi 💀🔥

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In celebration of the unruly general Popcaan, Drake got a flaming skull with the word “Unruly” printed under.

Unruly is Popcaan’s brand, being seen and heard everywhere he can put it. There’s a lot of Jamaican influence in Drake’s recent sound and his relationship with Popcaan has been growing since 2015.

You may recall Poppy saying “OVO Unruly” on Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and his interlude at the end of the song “Know Yourself.”

Lil Wayne

Are we feeling #Drake’s #LilWayne tattoo?

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Wayne is probably the biggest inspiration in Drake’s rap career and rightly so.

After Wayne put Drake on back in 2009, the Toronto rapper blew up crazy and he’s shown no sign of slowing down since. The Young Money general changed Drake’s whole life so it’s only right Drake gets his face immortalized forever on his arm — right?

I wonder if it’s awkward when they link up and Lil Wayne has to stare at his face on Drake’s arm.

Dennis Graham

@dr_woo_ssc mini portrait of my father

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Weirdness aside, this portrait of Drake’s father is legendary. The portrait being of his father’s mugshot sporting that classic mustache is just too wavy to make fun of.

It’s also a really well done tattoo, especially considering it’s size. I just hope my future mugshot looks as fly as his dad’s so my kids can tat my shame too.


Drake’s two Sade tattoos are probably the most widely known of his portraits.

He’s made it known on multiple occasions that she is one of the most important people in his life, next to his mother. That’s a pretty big comparison for someone to make so I definitely understand why he got it.

Generally with Drake’s tattoos I understand why he got them I just don’t think every reason deserves an action.

All these portraits, while kind of creepy, are all really well done so at least he isn’t half-assing his tats.

With Denzel Washington being the most recent star immortalized on his body I can’t wait to see who’s next… my money is on a DreamChasers tattoo.