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Drake has a giant portrait of Beyonce in his studio because he’s corny

Drake has always been a pretty weird guy. It’s no secret that he’s made some decisions that leave some of us with a twisted face like when he tattooed Lil Wayne’s face on his arm or when he macked Madonna on stage.

Well one of the biggest artists in the world is back with some questionable decisions. Last night Drake’s friend and Toronto artist Baka was seen in Drake’s home studio recording some new music.

So far, so good, nothing to see here until you look in the corner of the room and notice a giant ass portrait of Beyonce just sitting on the wall. Don’t Hov and Drake have a fake beef going on between them?

This might be a little awkward at first glance and rightfully so, I mean having one of your peers in portrait form isn’t the most normal thing in the world. That being said, Drake has always been pretty open with his influences and the artists who inspire him.

Along with his Lil Wayne tattoo, he’s got a portraits of Sade in honor of her beauty and what her music represents to him. He’s also put a neon sign in his studio that says “Less Drake More Tupac” because like everything else in his life, it inspires him.

Obviously Aubrey admires Beyonce in a major way and to be honest, why wouldn’t he? Beyonce is a pop culture icon and it’s only right that her art speaks to Drake.

For as big of an icon Drake is, he is never afraid to openly stan someone who he admires and that deserves some respect.

In a world where everyone is too cool to admit that they’re a big fan of something here we have Drake, tattooing his idols on his body and hanging life sized posters of them up in his studio.

Yeah, he’s corny, but he doesn’t pretend to be otherwise.