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Drake blesses us, we can now stream ‘So Far Gone’ for the first time ever

In celebration of its ten year anniversary, Toronto rapper, Drake, made the full original version of his groundbreaking mixtape, So Far Gone, available for streaming on all platforms for the first time ever yesterday.

There had been rumors of Drake possibly making the mixtape available for streaming on its ten-year anniversary last year when on one of Kanye’s Twitter rants he said he wouldn’t clear the sample for “Say What’s Real”, which takes from 808’s and Heartbreaks song “Say You Will.”

Either Drake issued an apology or offered a price Ye couldn’t refuse because the full-length career-defining body of work is here, and it’s taking everyone back in time in the process.

It’s something about So Far Gone, the year 2009, the blog era, and the millennials that pioneered it, that gives the tape a special place in so many hearts.

Besides being largely regarded as his best body of work, So Far Gone also was the soundtrack to so many teenagers who are now adults.

All the young to mid-level professionals around 28 years old right now would have been around 18 to 19 years old when So Far Gone dropped — wet behind the ears and longing for greatness for the first time. Which is the case for so many and why you see everyone in their feelings taking collective trips down memory lane. This tape memorialized those feelings for them.

From going bar to bar with Lil Wayne to crooning melodies with Llyod and Trey Songz, So Far Gone explored boundaries of rap unseen and set the tone for Drake’s career.

Originally dropped in Feb. 2009, So Far Gone led with the singles, “Successful” and “Best I Ever Had,” both of which charted high on the Billboard Hot 100. The latter hit No. 2 and remained Drake’s biggest Hot 100 hit until 2016.

There seems to be a new trend of giving flowers while the artists can still smell them going on that I think is good. It happened with Soulja Boy; Wiz and Curren$y are reliving their classic 2009 tape How Fly with a reunion tour and album, and now Drake is really getting the love, as he should.

So Far Gone was a simpler time and the fact that we get to revisit that place in time with the tune of a key or a bar from a verse is something we can be grateful for. People slander Drake a great deal and have been always critical of how “sensitive” he is, but it’s why the tape was so relatable and timeless.

Stream the 2009 classic below and relive the 10-year-ago-you.