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Dr. Phil is WILDIN’! Fills addict-guest’s rooms with booze and Xanax

Dr. Phil has always been an interesting character, to say the least.

He’s known for his guests, who come to discuss their various addictions and problems. What Dr. Phil hasn’t shown us is  the incredible strain the puts his guests under.

A recent investigation by STAT News has revealed how much at risk Dr. Phil leaves his guests in a room stocked with their addiction.

A former guest recently accused the host and his staff of “procuring and tempting guests with alcohol” right before taping the segment.

In 2013, Todd Herzog appeared on the show, openly an alcoholic and trying to cure his alcoholism. Herzog claims that there was a bottle of vodka left in his dressing room, and after he drank it all, a member of the Dr. Phil staff offered him xanax to “calm his nerves.”

Martin Greenberg, a psychologist that works as the show’s director of professional affairs, claims that what Herzog is saying is absolutely false.

That would be possible to believe, had there not been more accounts similar to his.

Another previous guest, former heroin addict Kaitlin, claims that a Dr. Phil staff member actually helped her get some before her segment. The worst part? She was pregnant at the time.

Why would the show do this to their guests? Apparently, to strengthen their detox.

As per STAT:

“Guests confront a painful and potentially dangerous detox as they wait up to 48 hours in hotel rooms for their scheduled taping, leading some to look for illegal drugs. One guest bought heroin with the knowledge and support of show staff, according to a family member. Another guest, who was pregnant, was filmed by a show staffer while searching for a dealer on Skid Row in L.A.”

Yet, the show staff vehemently denies any of this happening. Greenberg is quick to say that these guests are lying, simply because they were addicts.

“Addicts are notorious for lying, deflecting and trivializing. But, if they are at risk when they arrive, then they were at risk before they arrived. The only change is they are one step closer to getting help, typically help they could not have even come close to affording.”

Legit disgusting. The good news is the media is now aware, and will be keeping a watchful eye on Dr. Phil. We’ll be waiting to see what else will be uncovered.